Loperamide addiction withdrawal journey need support - Part 53

By gbread · Apr 29, 2015 · ·
  1. Gosh Ellen, it does make me tear up when I think about how far I've come since last November. All the months (4-5 maybe?) I was chewing up loperamide. I didn't know it was dangerous. I could've died! And to think it all came to a head one night when I had a panic attack. And then read Mad Margaret's blog. Would have never even known. Could've been lost to loperamide EVIL little PILL!!!!!

    So here I am, almost out of the woods. And what a feeling. Such gratitude and wonder and awe. Cannot believe it.;) Don't want to jinx it though...Ive still got a few weeks maybe. We'll see.

    You get to 15, then 12 and 10 before you know it. After that, it's just slow going, but so much easier than cold turkey!! I am praying for your success as well. You are such a dear. Anytime you need it, message me or post and I will try to respond and help in any way I can. It makes me feel good to have something to give, for sure. Helping each other IS what makes it work. For sure.

    And dating. There is a really nice man who is 10 years older than me. I just want to be healthy and whole before date anyone.:D Whoever he is He wont know what hit him! haha. Right now, though I can't really date. I mean, if I'm yawning and sneezing and have diarrhea. Kind of ruins the romantic mood, Huh? hahaha. Plus this guy is like a brother as Ive known him in the program for years. Not my type. But I know he probably likes me.
    Yeah, not too sexy!!!!!! Plus I want to be healthy first. Wouldn't be fair to him, anyone or me.

    Much love and cant wait to see us win out!! By HIS wounds we ARE healed.


  1. Ellen042
    ... and you made ME tear up, in a great way, by quoting me quoting Isaiah. Without my faith in Jesus, I truly believe I wouldn't be alive today. He gives me hope, through people just like you. Thank you. Ellen
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