Loperamide addiction withdrawal journey need support - Part 89

By gbread · Jun 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Day 76 Day 8 at ZERO (0) Down from 50 at the beginning 5 months ago

    Today is day 8 off of the evil drug loperamide. It almost cost me my life and sanity about 7 months ago, but I have been able to successfully taper down to zero this last 8 days. I have felt the same mild withdrawals I felt all along the way, so slight they are annoyances really. I slept 10 hours last night. I feel a little nausea every morning, but it goes away as I get up and around, drink coffee, go to the bathroom. Even a shower helps rid me of the sweat at night. And that sweat is still so slight, sometimes I don't even notice it much.

    Emotionally this week has been a little anxious, but no sadness. Remember I am in love and I am so busy I have little time to be sad, but I have spurts. I also have spurts of anger, but they are just unexplainable and I figure that is my body just ridding of the last of the drug.

    I do admit I feel more alive in the last week than in all the tapering before. There is no little remnant of the drug inside of me...so all pain receptors are now free. And I have little to no pain at all. I feel like a normal human being. I wouldn't say I feel like I used to...but I am definitely closer than anything I've been in a year.

    Sorry this is short guys. I am busy today and this next week am going out of town to visit with an old friend. I am excited about my life beyond description!!! I have peace of mind, real joy, and am out of danger from all the things I did to my body. At least immediate danger. I have real hope today!!!

    I love you all so much...have made so many friends here. I am amazed at the level of compassion and caring on this site...and everywhere quite honestly.

    Will be checking in I promise!!!Much love and HUGS!!!!!


  1. joelseph9
    Congrats Gbread. Happy for you. I sent you a PM. I am 24 days clean off everything. Still some lingering chills and sleep issues.

    Lope withdrawal for me was much more mild than Suboxone withdrawal but the lingering RLS in my arms and back suck. I also was tapered down with low methadone doses for 5 days.
  2. FreckleFace
    Hey Ginger,

    I've written replies to your last two posts, but before submitting it they were erased. It took
    Every little bit of concentration I don't have at the moment to write them, that I just sent it to you telepathically. You got them, right? Lol....
    Your success is like salve to me right about now. A nice warm blanket that cancels out
    All the crazy I'm feeling in my body. I've yet to see anything else on the internet that has provided more insight and knowledge than you. I still can't believe you're off completely. You deserve some kind of award just for having the patience and stamina to chronicle your past few months. Well, I guess you are reaping the benefits with your new life and love, so enjoy every second of it.
    I'm down to 5 in the morning and 5 at night, and boy is it annoying. The insomnia
    Is enough to make you cuss. But "My Lard", it's so nice to read your posts.

    I'll be checking out your FaceBook page soon. Again, Congratulations on taking your life back.
  3. Jungledog
    Proud of you. Slow tapers work. And finding love didn't hurt!!!! Lol Love to you my friend.
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