Loperamide getting the better of me, need help and support. - Part 161

By Roaddoggy · Aug 15, 2014 · ·
  1. Well RoseyRose, first off, stay away from the tramadol, its another long lasting opiate analog, similar to loperamide. My wife just kicked it. It took her 2 months to start feeling better, and she still has rough days.

    No stick with the taper schedule that was made for you. It will get you through this. Now if you fear that the time of your taper is too short to match the withdrawals, you can always extend your taper. Take the same dose for 3 days instead of 2. Or even 4 days towards the end. I have been heavily addicted to kratom. Its not too bad to kick, if you do get a bit hooked on it. The goal here is to not be in constant withdrawal pain. So if you are sick its not from the kratom, it takes a lot to get addicted to kratom. It took me years, to accomplish that task.

    So in that thought process, you may need to do a reorder. Then continue your taper for a little longer. Ok after better evaluating your situation. You have one month down. It took me 3 months to start feeling ok. So you may need to stay on kratom, for longer. Maybe even a month or 2 longer. I realize your schedule was for 35 days. Which should have put you at around 45 to 50 days clean of loperamide. After going through what I just did, I'm not sure that's long enough. I think I would extend my taper for a solid 2 more months. At least that's what I would do.

    One thing for sure is I would a million times over rather see you even getting hooked on kratom, than to be taking even 1 more loperamide. Also you may form some slight dependency from 3 months tapering from kratom. But the withdrawals are like a 2 week flue. instead of 3 solid month, hanging in Hell, on loperamide withdrawals. So keep in mind you may be taking a step or 2 back, but its so you can make 50 steps forward. The ends justify the means.

    Also, You really should be taking kava in the evenings, with the Kratom. I believe it will help you to take less kratom, and also helps sleep, and any sort of cravings. Kava has been bragged about, as a cure for addiction. To some degree I believe it.

    (To everyone else, who has contributed this thread, or will in the future)
    Ok. When I first started there where members that sort of didn't like me using, or referring to kava. Well along with all the support from you all, Kava was my secret weapon. I would either be on loperamide or maybe even dope at this point if it was not for kava. I'm not going to set here and debate with anyone on whether or not kava is addictive. If it is, I would like to meet the addict. Because I have searched the forums, and the internet. I have not found a single person , out saleing there air conditioner, to order a bag of kava root. Just haven't seen it yet.

    I mean its like anything else. You can get to liking it, but there will be no withdrawal syndrome. Well no worse than candy, gambling, sex, marijuana, or anything else that has some enjoyment evolved. Lol. But kava has been reported to cause liver problems. Unfortunately, there's less than 100 cases of it world wide. So your risks of contracting liver damage would be about the same as stepping off a crashed airliner, then get struck by lightning, while simultaneously winning the lotto. But stranger things have happened.

    Next Marijuana. I used it every day of my withdrawal, It helped so very much. My decision to use such a controversial substance, was not without thought. Although I have smoked marijuana for most of my life, and plan to take a little with me when I die. Still one must decide how it will help or hinder withdrawals. So to find the best answer to my question, I experimented in 2 ways.

    1) First I stopped using marijuana, for a 5 day period, to see how that felt. Not so good, less sleep, and I simply noticed the Withdrawals from loperamide stronger. So to reassure myself. I stayed 100% stoned from some of the finest medical grade marijuana, for a sold 5 days. Resulting in a dramatic reduction of symptoms being felt. I guess to describe it, the pain was still there, but I didn't notice it quit as much.

    2)Next I made it my mission to find 1 person, on planet earth, who has over Dosed and died from Marijuana, from now, to 5000 years ago. Well I have to report. I found no one. Natta. Still I am looking, so If anyone out there can help me, I would appreciate it. Just need one dead body, or a legitimate documented case. Also did you know that statistically speaking around 10 people die a year, as a result of ink pen lids, probably mostly due to choking, but who know what. So 10 people die a year from ink pen lids, and no deaths in 5000 years from marijuana. Don't get me wrong. If ink pen lids would have helped my withdrawals I would have used them I guess. I mean Its only 10 people. Not like the 2.5 million people who die annually, world wide from Alcohol.

    So after finishing my experiments, I have pretty much been stoned for a solid 3 months. Guess you cant argue with facts, and results.

    There ya go folks, That's my secret to getting off loperamide, or rather surviving loperamide addiction, Cold Turkey. I truly am sorry if I have offended anyone by expressing my method (successful method I might add) of coping with loperamide withdrawals. I may have not been so aggressive, if the withdrawal symptoms weren't so aggressive. I feel That using Kava, and Marijuana as withdrawal comfort meds, was another example, of the ends justifying the means.

    As I switch over from withdrawing from my valium taper, I can plainly see, that I will have good days and bad days. Although the actual taper, may take up to a year, or maybe even longer. I'm a firm believer that slow and steady wins the race. Any who, I have dramatically started reducing my marijuana, and Kava intake. I more just try to use them when I need them, instead of such a regimented way, like with loperamide. But Although I realize benzo withdrawals can be rough. There's really no comparison between a very slow taper off valium. and jumping off 56mgs a day of loperamide. The contrast is stark as night and day. I hope to reach a place where all I do to heal me, is occasional marijuana use, and maybe a weekend of fun, with Kava, and the wife. Also might get slap ass drunk on new years. Its my wife and my Marriage anniversary. That sort of life sounds so beautiful to me. It was so distant, just 4 months ago. It will be life changing to not depend on a substance for survival. I can already feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders, by kicking loperamide.

    Through out all the withdrawals from loperamide, Was hands down the most painful agenizing experience of my life. A nightmare of biblical proportions. Something I would not wish on my worst enemy. There where many times I questioned whether it was even worth it. I kid you not, there was moments of pure insanity. I believe I actually held back, because I didn't want to scare anyone. But now that I reflect on it all, Wow did that hurt. My wife went through chemo therapy, and survived. Even she was looking at me, and saying man, to bad you didn't just get an easy to cure cancer. It would probably be easer on you. But she saw it all, from spending nights on end on the toilet, to having a puke bucket to carry around, while I'm trying to work. Ya, didn't get much work done.

    I only say this, and speak of the comfort meds as a warning to others. Yes you may have read, how easy it is to just take loperamide, and taper down. Well it doesn't always work that way. I want what could be, some of my last daily posts to tell others, how painful my experience was. What I had to resort to , to get off. And most of all , that you can do it. It can be done. Loperamide can get its ass fxxking kicked.

    My goal for this thread, has always been 2 fold. First I wanted off the shit. Next and more importantly, I wanted to be a beacon of light in the darkness. I wanted to make a huge thread, which so far has a mind blowing 438 posts so far, close to 20,000 views. It took The loperamide mega thread like 5 years to reach 1000 posts. I pulled in 438 in 3 months. Also This thread isn't over, not by far. Ill still watch it like a hawk, and answer questions, or give support.

    So also Please no one think, that I am saying good by. Far from it. Ill be able to respond to this thread, daily if posted on by others. That is if I decide to start a new thread, and of course if I do, I will brightly advertise it on this thread, so that others can easily find it, and subscribe. If I take on this endeavor, I plan To have Roaddogs Lounge in the Tittle. Maybe Like (Roaddogs Valium Tapper Lounge, Going Benzo Free, Need Help, and Support). What ya all think folks, dose that tittle have potential? Much love. Roaddoggy....


  1. FenixDelta753
    Rose, glad to see that you're a pro-choice Christian. I think we need more people like you in the world. All of this fighting and arguing over what others should do with their own bodies or with their opposite or same sex partners. Its just exhausting, and for what? No matter what, nothing changes. Anyways... back on topic.

    Also I think you gave me some credit that I didn't deserve. Im not off of kratom and I dont think I will be for a while. Its something that I know I need to do in the future sometime. But I just dont want everyone to think that im on the same plane as RD and the others here. I dont think Im as strong as them at this point in my life. But I know I could do it if I had to. I just like to lend my support and advice where I can. ;)
  2. Roaddoggy
    Day 92 and still alive. Feeling Ok.

    Made another cut on my valium. went down, 2.5mgs. so now I'm down to 25mgs a day, instead of, 30mgs, which is where I have started from. This is my second cut of 2.5mgs. Feeling ok so far.Much love. Roaddog....
  3. myrandomchaos
    Road - congratulations on 92 days loperamide free! That is so awesome and something to be extremely proud of. You have fought so hard and your determination and resolve to not give in have inspired me every day since I found all of you.

    I am so glad that you are starting to feel some freedom from your withdrawal symptoms. I agree with Rosey in that I so wish I could give you 1 month of just feeling normal, to give you a break from everything you have been dealing with. So many people would have given in and allowed themselves to slip up over the last 3 months but you have stayed so strong and focused. I think your thread will serve for a long time as an excellent education tool for not only those of us struggling with loperamide withdrawal, but also those fearing opiate withdrawal and considering loperamide.

    I have a question for you about kratom. Do you think that if I find that I am really struggling to taper as I get at these lower doses, would there be any benefit to adding in low dose kratom to assist with the taper and then tapering from that once off loperamide? Or, am I just trading one addiction for another? I have taken kratom before, and I don't ever take very high doses, bc I seem to be sensitive to it and I have never really had an opiate type experience from it. So, I am not worried about feeling any type of "high" from it.

    Honestly, I think I am just wishing I could taper a little faster, like at least 1 pill every 1-2 days, and if kratom would allow me to do that, like you stated, it seems better to take kratom than loperamide. I just feel the sooner I am off of this stuff, the sooner I can actually really start to heal and figure out where I am with my body mentally and physically. So, I thought maybe trying a low dose of kratom once a day and seeing if that allowed me to speed up my taper a bit, it may not be such a bad thing. Of course, if I find myself taking higher and higher doses, then I am going to have to drop the kratom and focus just on the loperamide, because that really is just trading one addiction for another.

    I am just worried about the long term effects of taking the loperamide and feel like it would be better to get off of them faster and take some kratom then to stay on even low doses of loperamide for an extended time period.

    Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated. Rosey, maybe you could also chime in with any advice, since you have some experience with this?

    Sending so many good thoughts and vibes your way, Road. Wishing day after day of feeling happiness, joy and just normalcy. Thank you for sticking with me throughout this!
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