Loperamide getting the better of me, need help and support. - Part 163

By Roaddoggy · Aug 18, 2014 · ·
  1. well thank you Nefret, today is day 93. yes I agree some of theses doctor have no clue. they, don't seem to understand the dangers, of some of things they requested. I'm on day 2 of my second valium cut. I don't feel the pain from it yet. hopefully this cut goes smooth. I have so many of them to make, over such a long period.

    My wife is also doing much better. She is also started on her valium taper. She is a little behind me. She opted to not make a cut while her grandmother passed. I can completely understand. Making a cut during all that, could have made things much worse.

    Thank you for your spiritual advice for my wife. l will tell her what you said.. My wife usually tries to go to church, but was not able to go today, because it was storming hard, and she didn't feel up to it.

    Its a rainy, nasty, day today. I guess ill just take it easy. Much love. Roaddog....

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    Today is 94 clean. So far so good. Much love. Roaddoggy....


  1. RoseyRose
    Hi Everyone - I'm just now catching up and read all of this page.
    Road - Your post made me laugh so hard! Really.. I needed that. I don't laugh as often these days. Thank you. "Show me a dead body from MJ" got me good. As did the ink pen caps. LOL. Too funny. And how very true! I've done the same research and haven't found anyone dying from any amount of marijuana - only cases where it was used alongside other things that could kill you all by themselves.
    I wish I could stay stoned all day as I recover. That sounds fantastic. I can only smoke in the evenings before bed, which does help some. When I'm taking care of my kids, I worry something will happen (you never know when a toddler will trip or break or sprain something) and I cant handle the thought of not being capable to handle the situation. I might kick up my intake at night, though. It is great for my pain, and my husband being home eases my mind with that.

    I really appreciate your input about the kratom, Road. I just posted on my own thread and then came over to read your stellar advice. I was saying I would likely stay on Kratom until October at least, on a level dose, to ride out these nasty loperamide withdrawals. I see we are very much on the same page. The buzzing and horrid withdrawals I'm feeling are definitely the loperamide rearing its ugly head through the kratom. I'm going to stick with Kratom and maintain for a couple of months. Does the buzzing last all 90 days? It's really helpful to know that this kick was the hardest on you... that sounds awful, I think, but I've been wondering if I was somehow making it way worse in my mind. I'm not happy at ALL that you had to go through this. What you said about your wife watching you be so sick should give a pretty clear picture to anyone else who is looking into loperamide about how nasty it is. Once again, that saying of it being the OTC suboxone is looking quite accurate with its 3 month withdrawal. Thank you, again, for being a beacon of light for all of us, Road. I don't know that I could have done this without all of you on this thread. Even just being on Kratom and off loperamide feels like something to celebrate HUGELY. I know I'll be done with all of this at some point this year.

    I actually flushed my tramadol down the toilet last night. It felt amazing. I don't want that crap in my house, let alone my body, and that was the only way to make sure I wouldn't be tempted. You are all correct that it is terrible stuff and carries another lope-like withdrawal of its own. Not going there!

    I'm going to order more kratom today and buckle down for a couple of months here. After being on high doses of loperamide for so long, and now being 31 days clean, I could care less about getting hooked on Kratom. Kratom won't kill me. Just won't. Might make me sick if I took WAY too much, but I just know that won't happen. Yes, its more expensive, but I think my life is worth it.

    MRC - I'm so excited for you that you're still actively tapering the loperamide and want to get off of it. I agree completely with Road that it can be done with higher doses, and that the addiction potential and withdrawal have to be heavenly compared to loperamide. I mean, it's 31 days in and when I try to be brave and cut back my kratom too fast, that awful buzzing comes back that I've only associated with loperamide. It puts my on edge, raising the hair on my neck and sending me into an angry, weird state. I hate loperamide with a passion. No getting around that, and no chance I'm ever taking even one of them ever again. I hope so much for you that you'll consider the kratom substitute. Road is great about setting up a taper plan for you, and like me, you might want to plan on being on it for 3 months or so to really kick the loperamide underneath.
    Kratom has completely cured my "bathroom issues" and gives me some nice relief if I take it properly.
    I'm also going to try the kava again, I think. I'm only concerned with how it will interact with the Zoloft I recently started taking (not proud of this, but the depression was crushing me). Any idea if this is an issue to look at? I'll check it out, too. I research everything so much that my husband teases me... "Are you going to ask Dr. Google again, honey?" It's a bit obsessive, but I'm always worried about interactions that could really harm me or anyone else.
    Whatever you choose to do, I'm sending lots of love your way! You can do this! I wish I could gift you a month of normal, as well. All of us. How healing that would be. <3

    Fenix - I was referring to the loperamide, I believe. When did you quit and how much were you taking? I hope all is well for you.

    Nefret - Sending lots of love your way, as well. I have so much respect for you and how you're caring for your mother. It's one of the hardest jobs in the world, I believe. You're a truly loving person, I can tell. xo

    I'm off to watch the Little Mermaid with my little girl. Just one of those days. I hope this Monday finds everyone feeling well.

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    Road - Had a question about Kratom. Is bali the best for withdrawals or would something like Indo work well? I ask because it appears that Indo's effects last a bit longer than bali for some people, and that's been my big issue.
    Thanks and much love.
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