Loperamide getting the better of me, need help and support. - Part 164

By Roaddoggy · Aug 19, 2014 · ·
  1. OK, RoseyRose, just remember when using kratom, stay on the smallest dose possible. As you progress, you should still try to reduce your dose. Just keep yourself as well as you need to be. If that makes any sense.

    Kratom, does take a lot longer,for addiction, and are far more forgiving than traditional opiates. BUT 3 months of continuous use, most certainly will cause some dependency. But in my opinion, your getting off cheap. Meaning kicking a 3 month habit while tapering off kratom, is so much better than loperamides 3 month long stay in hell.

    But with that said, Kicking kratom is no fun either. But if I had to pick a substance to get addicted to It would be Kratom, over loperamide any day. The problem with Loperamide, is the duration of withdrawals are so long, you do not feel daily healing. Its like swimming for a shore you can not see.

    Also the Buzzing dose suck. It dose go away. I no longer have that feeling. But I did. It is awful. It will go away, the longer you get away from loperamide.

    I have really only used Bali. I have never tried any of the other kinds. I guess when I find something that works I stick with it. Sorry I wish I could be more help there. There is a big kratom addiction thread. You might ask some of them folks.

    Anyway, thanks for your kind words. They came in handy tonight. You always have such encouraging posts. I thank you for that. Much love. Roaddog....


  1. ianzombie
    Bali seems to work the best as its effects are most similar to that of opiates.
    You should probably try and order a sample of several different strains and see what works best for you at the lowest dose.
    You might find that adding a small amount of a green veined strain to the red vein bali/borneo will help extend the effects as well as kick them up a notch.
    I add 1 part green malay to 3 parts red veined borneo and that seems to extend and enhance the red vein effects, but we are all different.

    If you do decide to give kratom another try, and i think you should, make sure that you only take the smallest amount you need to help with the withdrawals and not enough (if possible) to get high from.
    I would also suggest that instead of having set times to take the kratom that you just leave it as long as possible between doses, then only taking the smallest amount possible. This will help speed up your reduction in tolerance as well as reducing the chances of you getting addicted to kratom.

    If you do this for a few days/weeks you should notice things start to balance out and get easier every time, at this stage you can try lowering your dose of kratom if possible, continuing to only take it when really necessary.

    All the best.
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