Loperamide getting the better of me, need help and support. - Part 172

By Roaddoggy · Sep 6, 2014 · ·
  1. No problem Nefret. Ill try to find the thread. Ill post a link to this thread on there.

    Also thank you for such kind words. Yes you are my friend. I think of you every day. You from day one, supported me, and gave me hope. Hope is what I needed. for that I owe you a debt, I can never repay, except to be there when you need me. Which I will be. Again thank you for stopping in, and spreading love. Its one of those things you do the best. Much love. Roaddoggy....

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    Ok Nefret, I cant find the thread, can you send me a link? The search here sucks. Much love. Roaddogy


  1. artsygal
    Starseed: Yep that's me! And I asked about the panic attacks because the loperamide can actually make them worse (if you already have them) or cause them (if you haven't.)

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    And a big HI to Roaddoggy! Yo bud -- how are things going on your side of woods? :)
  2. Nefret
    Hey RD,
    Sorry but I am tech challenged. Just go to our old forum, where we started before we got moved here and look for that title. Easy to find that way. I believe that forum was called Opiate Addiction and Recovery. No need to use the search engine. They are even saying that Loperamides don't cross the BBB. Just like some doctors are still saying that Tramadol is non addictive, just like Advil one can start and stop anytime without withdrawals. Actually this dear soul was also told that by their doctor. Running on very old information. Advil never made my pupils pinned or nod off and look and act quite stoned (on a higher dose than I am on now of course) my husband thought I was on Oxys! Felt like it for sure with potentiators.

    So what's your opinion with Tramacet and my husband. You didn't comment on that. Here in Canada it was not on the controled Substance list until very recently.

    Any-who, hope your day is going well and that you and the wife are having a peaceful relaxed evening :)
  3. N1ceMarm0t
    Hi all,

    The thread Nefret is referring to:


    ...I am just forever glad I found this thread (thanks Roaddoggy!), among others, here. Saved my best friend from stepping on the Loperamide mine. I mean, we'd already found 100's of generic 2 mg Loperamides off - no joke - ebay, for ridiculously cheap prices. So so glad that door was never opened, apart from the 2-6 mg doses during my cats first days of WD - to really just combat the runs.

    800 x Loperamide > down the toilet now, since weeks.

    Also: what a load of bollocks, the whole "Tramadol doesn't cause WD" / "Loperamide is safe" bit. Tramadol is becoming a huge problem, where I live... because people abuse it without knowing they're stepping into hell - that is, in case the day comes when they want to stop...

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