Loperamide getting the better of me, need help and support. - Part 173

By Roaddoggy · Sep 7, 2014 · ·
  1. Yes, Nefret, I'm sorry I cant find it. We got moved? I am also not so good with computers. I don't know about an old sight. If you can go to his page, go up to the top, left click on the address, that should turn it blue. Now right click on it, and click copy. Next get me on PM, and right click on the flashing line, that you type from. Then hit Paste. That will copy and past the link, to a message you send me. I hope that makes sense.

    Also Loperamide has been proven to cross the BBB, with some people, Its really unimportant, whether or not it dose cross the BBB, it also attaches to other receptors through out the body. Still leading euphoric feelings, and as we all know, withdrawals. I'm sure some crosses the BBB for everyone, at the doses we were on.

    Tramacet, Is not prescribed in the US. Although it is basically Tramadol, and aspirin. The FDA has not approved it. Now from my understanding its, a man made opiate, much like Loperamide, so I would stay away from it. Much love. Roaddoggy....

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    Hello, I didn't see your post up there. I found the thread, and posted on it. I tried to explain the consequences of taking loperamide, and its addiction potential. I also added a link to this thread.

    Your absolutely right. Tramadol can be very addictive. My wife kicked Tramadol, as I was kicking Loperamide. It was not so bad for her, because she used Kratom. I would make her kratom dose up for her daily. So she didn't have the hell us loperamide addicts go through.

    It dose my heart well to know someone read this thread, and decided not to use loperamide, because of my experience. I feel that was the main reason I started this thread. I feel truly honored. But I could have never done it, without the love and support of fellow members.

    Again thank you for your kind words, and feel free to stop in any time. Much Love. Roaddoggy....


  1. Nefret
    Hey, glad you found our old site. Yes we did get moved to this site. The 4 of us Lopies. LOL. We all were posting on that site and Kitt moved us here cause she felt that our threads were more like journals or something. I use the word site instead of the true name for it: sub-forum, cause some may think it means Suboxone forum.

    Anyway so ya we got moved here to the R&A opiate Journals from the site we warned that person about Loperamide usage on. Kinda wish we were still there so others could see our threads more easily. But I visit our old home from time to time and look for people who think Lopes are a good withdrawal tool, so I can share my experience of NOT being off them yet as it shows others how hard it is to get off them. Like I said before, I jumped off of 500mg per day of Oxycontin and stayed off them. Didn't use Lopes then. Also have stayed off Alcohol for years and Cocaine for 20 years. So I am not without motivation or desire. Just Lopes I can't seem to just taper quickly and get off. Harder for me at least than the other drugs I was intoduced to. Not a wimp either. And had a young son to raise. Though he never saw me do drugs which includes Booze. I'd go to school and work and the weekends my mom wanted my son to visit for the weekends and that's when the drugs came out. For some reason the love for my son trumped using. Rather a rarity I am told.

    Any who, Seemed to have gone on a bunny trail there. But I have been successful at not going up to my party Lope dose and have stayed around the same amount amount for a long time which is good and bad. :( But will defeat the Lope beast yet like you and the other guy who came here before you. Keep forgetting his name. But he was able to tapered down daily by 1 or 2 pills a day till he hit zero.

    So anyway thanks for going over to the other site and helped me warn that person of Lopes and Tramadol. And with my question about Tramacet. Truly it is my husband who is taking them. I am really scared of them. It is made up of Tramadol and acetomenophen. Any drugg that ends with 'cet' has acetomenophen in it ie. Percocet. Percodan is made with asprin. So I think 'dan' indicates asprin.

    Take care of each other :)
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