Loperamide getting the better of me, need help and support. - Part 176

By Roaddoggy · Sep 17, 2014 · ·
  1. Ho, futurman, things are still active. As I have said before, Ill be around. Now here is my advice. use Kratom to taper with. I used to capsule mine. with 00 size capsules. I would start on 20 capsules a day every 8 hours, and reduce one capsule, each day from each dose. Resulting in a 20 day, pretty much painless kick. This can be done a few times, until one will get addicted. So I would recommend doing this, and get off those loperamide like yesterday.

    Its a tough road. But adding loperamide to the mix, makes it 10 times worse. Thank you for stopping in. If you have any questions, on Kratom, or Loperamid, or even Oxy use. Pleas feel free to ask away. Ill try my best to navigate you to the proper information. Much Love. Roaddog....


  1. futureman
    Hi Roaddog, thanks for stopping in!
    I'm enjoying a nice melt from this kava tea, thanks for the recommendation!
    My kratom should arrive tomorrow but I didn't buy enough (50g) because I am ignorant to the doses.
    I already ordered more (200g) to hopefully arrive before I finish the 50.

    Unfortunately I don't have capsules, could you specify how many grams 20 capsules would equate to?
    I will measure and taper until I can get capsules.

    Thanks and cheers!
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