Loperamide getting the better of me, need help and support. - Part 177

By Roaddoggy · Sep 17, 2014 · ·
  1. Yes futureman, a 00 capsule, equates to about 1/2 a gram. so 2 capsules = a gram. Hope that helps. You will probably need close to 400 grams, or so, to taper for about 20 days. Hope that helps.

    Also I'm glad your finding kava useful for detoxing from drugs. I have heard many reports of Kava litterly curing Alcoholism. I cant say for sure if there is any truth in it. But I know it has helped me greatly with Opiate, and Benzo, withdrawals. It wont really get rid of them, sort of masks them instead. Still Ill take help anywhere I can get it. I find Kava to be a great dietary supplement, for any withdrawals.

    I would like to make a exclusive thread, on how to use Kratom, and Kava to safly, and rather painlessly, withdrawal, from opiates, but I believe I would be breaking some rules by doing so. The problem I would run into is source discussion. It would be hard to give an appropriate, schedule, without having some control over the strength of Kratom. Problem is with Kratom is, All Kratom is not created equal. strains, and venders, very greatly in potence. If I could get around all that, I would. I have helped several folks kick opiates, using Kratom, here at home. Mainly my friends. I would like to do the same on the internet, but without quality control, Im not sure it would be effective. I mean it would be effective, for some, who can get quality Kratom. But if someone orders from a vender, that sales crap, then it would not work, and waist someones time and money, only to be let down, once again. A lot of venders sale crap Kratom. Some times its too old, or just low grade. I feel making a universal, Kratom schedule, could cause some harm to some folks, because of these issues. Also a Kratom taper is not a cheap thing to do. I used to blow a hundred and a half on tapering my wife and me. So one person, would be less, but still expensive. The last thing some one addicted needs is to order, crap, and go through hellish withdrawals, and basically loose there money. Also I am not here to break any rules. As I believe our rules are here to better this Forum.

    But anytime I give kratom advice, I always end in a warning. Don't, take Kratom too long, or too often, or you will get addicted. You can use it to taper off of an opiate habit. But If you repeat this process, over and over. You will get addicted to Kratom. Much love. Roaddog....


  1. futureman
    I really really appreciate your advice Roaddog, I was feeling extremely bad withdrawal symptoms this time due to digging myself such a nasty oxy hole. Haven't had the hot/colds and electric arms (my personal favorite) this severe since my last withdrawal from heroin 15 years ago.

    Anyway, I've been awake for 36 hrs and was peaking in my detox when my package arrived!! Sadly I had to eat it "raw" as it were, but it's getting the job done, I feel as if I popped a 15. Smooth relief. But I could see how this could easily be abused. Going to taper down for sure.

    Definitely gotta get a cap machine. Eating a bag of dirt everyday ain't a fun trip :)

    Seriously thanks. You are a king among men! I hope things at home are evening out. Love and good wishes to you and your family.


    futureman added 535 Minutes and 35 Seconds later...

    I managed to go 10 hrs before redosing on kratom - this time 5g (I took 10g earlier today as first dose, seemed too high, got a strong buzz followed by extreme dizzyness and disorientation. Could be kratom combined w extreme exhaustion??)

    But I slept! Woke feeling very good compared to prior withdrawal hell.

    Need to find the lowest dose to get the job done as I'll be relying on kratom to get through the upcoming work week. I can't wait to be free and clear from any crutch, but one step at a time.

    Thank you, I'll update as I go for anyone reading but it's helping me just to vent so pardon my impending multiposts.

    46 hrs down! I feel very hopeful.

  2. RoseyRose
    Hi Futureman! So glad you found Road's awesome thread and took the time to read it all. You can see the hell you avoided, I'm guessing! Good work!

    Just want to say I'm happy for you that you're pushing yourself to be done with all of the pills. Kratom has saved my butt completely. I still take it because loperamide withdrawal takes so long, but will be starting a more methodical taper in 30 days. Today is 60 days off of loperamide for me. Kratom has completely sustained me, sometime with as little as 1 gram at a time, and it feels great knowing kratom won't kill me or suck my life away.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your progress. Keep up that dedication and thinking about the results you want. I wish I could truly convey how amazing I feel compared to 3 months ago. I have my life back. It's the most amazing gift to feel this way, and I'm still not all the way there.

    Good luck to you and keep in touch.
  3. futureman
    Hi rosey! Good to hear from you! I feel close to you from reading your posts in the thread/forum. I appreciate your story's and advice and am very pleased to hear you're doing well and have positive results with your program.

    Yeah this kratom is a godsend, I wish I chose it before trying lope, but in total I've only taken 40 lope pills before switching to kratom so I think I dodged a bullet.

    A big thanks to you for your support, enthusiasm and resolve! Together we can all reach a safe and happy future.

  4. Roaddoggy
    Hey, Glad you folks are making Kratom work. I sure wish you both the best.

    RoseyRose, great to hear from you, and hear you are regaining your life back. That's really great. any help I have given you on Kratom, I hope has helped. Much love. Roaddog....
  5. futureman
    3+ days off oxy/lope and doing well thanks to kratom about 10g per day split into 2-3 doses as needed.

    I'm back to work today and feel good, not 100% but well enough to get the job done.

    I've had better results with green Malaysian strain kratom as it gives me more energy than Bali or red strains which zonk me out a bit more.

    I am concerned about kratom addiction because after 8-10 hrs withdrawal symptoms begin to creep up but nothing like 8-10 hrs of no oxy. I just need to keep my eye on the ball, I want to be substance free so I'm not celebrating anything yet but I am glad to be on herbs instead of oxy and lope, hey it's something!

    Gonna stay positive and optimistic and with a taper, beat this!

  6. Roaddoggy
    Well good for you futureman. I would watch the kratom, and taper off of it nice and slow, after a couple weeks, you should be able to tapper off, and be free.

    To everyone. Please feel free to post in my absence. Ill be on a vacation of sorts. Well I must go attend a Hippy Festival. So Ill be back in a week, and will catch up on everything then. Much Love. Roaddog....
  7. Roaddoggy
    All right I am back. Much love. Roaddog....
  8. artsygal
    New article just published on Loperamide abuse -- abstract is linked from my site. MadMargaret on wordpress.

    Best, Artsygal/MM
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