Loperamide getting the better of me, need help and support. - Part 180

By Roaddoggy · Feb 22, 2015 · ·
  1. Howdy folks. I guess I am around, 9 months clean from loperamide. I'm also 10 days clean from Valium. The Loperamide, was hell, and so is the Valium.

    Although I can barely hold my head up, at times (Because of Valium withdrawals) I can say with all honesty, that I am clean.

    I still think of all of you, and wanted to say I love you all, who helped me get here. I am not celebrating quit yet, but hope to soon, in the next few months.

    Its been a rough road getting here. But I am used to rough patches. Love You all. much Love Roaddog...


  1. Cmenot
    Congrats on getting clean!! Hopefully you will find the valium recovery shorter... seems like the loperamide takes months! I am rooting for you Roaddog!!
  2. joelseph9
    Man. I know your not Lying or anything but I find it hard to believe 16 days of Loperamide would cause 3 months of withdrawals. I think theres more to it than solely Loperamide being this evil drug. Maybe your dosing was higher than you said due to not waiting 24 hours in between doses?

    I find Loperamide to be much less powerful than Suboxone and most people that kick Suboxone are back to normal after 2 months with some lingering Paws here and there but nothing too bad.

    I'm not discrediting anything you've said it just seems so strange. How long in total were you on opiates non stop? I think that plays a huge part in someones recovery.

    I was on Suboxone for 6 years straight so I assume It will take quite a bit of time to return to normal. I'm tapering on Loperamide at the moment. I'm at 60 mgs. Its strange many times I still feel like I'm on the verge of withdrawals and that my brain and body is healing even though I'm taking a pretty high dose. My libido has come back and my head isn't nearly as numb. I feel Loperamide to be healthier in a way to Suboxone but at the same time it seems to cause more constipation for me and if I take any more than 60mgs I get the vision problems where if I move my eyes to look to the side without moving my head it gets blurry.

    You got sick of tapering on the Loperamide? Why is this. Where you having withdrawals going from 80-50 over 16 days?
  3. jjonhson88
    Joelseph, 60mg, or 60 pills? Just curious, because I never had the vision problems until I hit the 150+mg range. Past 200mg, I'd start to experience syncope without fainting, which made life very difficult and annoying. I'm now tapering off of of a 350-375mg/day habit, it's only been one month I am down to 25 pills w/d free. When the withdrawal starts to come on now, it's just RLS and restlessness, unlike at my peak when I'd start to feel freezing, sweating, hot flashes, inability to move, etc. It's been hard, but nothing like cold turkey. The whole time I've been practically withdrawal free, sans serious anxiety and panic attacks, which I have some predisposition toward anyway.

    Loperamide is cardiotoxic in high doses, I'd say at 100mg+. Several people have died from ventricular arrhythmia caused by high dose loperamide use. I was on over 350mg for 2 years, I don't know how I survived. Strong circulatory system, I suppose.
  4. joelseph9
    60mg. When I take more. Say 80mgs I start getting minor vision problems and a foggy head.

    How do you taper Jhohnson? I don't know if its because I lost weight or what but I'm still constantly getting the chills and goosebumps at 60mgs. I started at about 100mg coming off about a gram of dope a day for a week and suboxone prior to that.

    Could you post your taper schedule? Thanks

    I can't quite figure lope out. Like the actual half life and how long it takes to kick in. Seems like it takes 5 hours to kick in and the half life is 24+ but I've dosed in the morning and at night before with little to any change so I'm not quite sure.
  5. gbread

    I have a thread on here called "Journal: Loperamide addiction withdrawal journey". I am not
    plugging my thread but it does talk a lot about tapering.

    There is also another thread "Please consider a slow loperamide taper" or something like that.

    Anyways, I was taking about 40 pills (that is 2mg each pill) so 80 mg.

    I tried cold turkey and ended up in the ER with clonidine and Ativan. Now dropped the Ativan and am on hydroxyzine. I started at 30 pills. Then the doctor told me to drop a pill every 3-4 days. At 30, you could probably drop 2 pills every 3-4 days. You'll feel your tolerance level as the half-life is much longer than normal opiates, I've heard. Similar to methadone. Anyways, you get to about 20, and I went 1 pill down
    every 3-4 days. The lower I went, I could feel the drop more and more, would go up a pill then down.

    God I know it sounds confusing, but I am at 5 a day. I go up and down 4-5 a day. But it has been
    relatively pain-free. STILL get some sweats, SOME. Some anxiety. But the comfort meds will help.

    I don't know if I could've done it without some meds. Just not addictive. Others more experienced
    will tell you what worked for them, or what they have heard. I am new at this and just now getting down
    to the end!

    Just know this.. You can do it. Get your head in the game. Make a commitment. This loperamide
    shit is bad for you, your heart. You can also google it and find Madmargaret's blog on loperamide.
    She did it quicker, and list all the side effects you can expect.

    Write here. Start your own thread and journal it. It will help others, but you can get the love and
    support you need. People here are so glad to help it's crazy. You don't have to do it alone!
    We are here and I know you can do it!

    Much love and hugs, GBread
  6. jjonhson88
    My taper was much more rapid. I dropped from 150 pills a day to 60 immediately, and of course had minor withdrawal - occasional chills, severe anxiety and panic, but other than that was fine. I slept normally, but definitely was uncomfortable. Stabilized there after 2 weeks, then dropped to 40 pills. 3 weeks later, down to 30 pills. 1 week later, down to 25 pills where I'm at now. I've simply toughed it out due to fear of loperamide's toxicity, as well as being sick and tired of having to plan my life around eventual withdrawal, whether or not I'll have loperamide, and so on. I did that rapid taper with no meds initially, but 2 weeks ago I started taking alprazolam, and am now taking etizolam, for the anxiety and panic attacks. Still get occasional hot flashes and sweat profusely at the slightest physical exertion, but other than that I'm in good shape. I expect to be down to 0 within a month.

    jjonhson88 added 1 Minutes and 33 Seconds later...

    I can't stress enough the necessity of daily exercise, cardio specifically. It aids the healing process immensely.

    jjonhson88 added 2 Minutes and 0 Seconds later...

    It will likely be many months, perhaps a year before I'm back to baseline, which I accept. I racked up a huge tab the past 2 years, changing my brain and body chemistry drastically. It's a slow but certain process.
  7. joelseph9
    Yeah I feel my only hope in getting off opiates is to get into the best physical shape of my life and taper down to nothing. Then continue to exercise. I believe a person can heal much quicker than 2-3 months if they were to take up a heavy exercise and yoga routine. But I havn't done it so its only theory but everyone says exercise helps. It def helps with the restless legs and restlessness. Once I get lower in dose I'd probably tone down on the lifting heavy but for now I plan on lifting heavy until I start feeling withdrawals.
  8. Ellen042
    Hi Roaddoggy! Hope you're doing OK! I don't know if you've seen my last post or not, but I wanted to make sure I didn't offend you, Nefret, or any others who highly warn about loperamide. Assuming you've not seen my new thread, I'll tell you now: I'm doing something crazy. Just as I used loperamide to come off Percocet, I'm now using it to come off hydrocodone, as I've built up a tolerance to the hydrocodone, and it's not managing my pain. Staying on it would lead to taking more than prescribed, then addiction, then losing my license to work, then losing my house and kids. I've just started on it and am taking 24 pills per day, which I'll drop to 18 the day after tomorrow. I CAN'T taper hydrocodone or oxycodone, but I can certainly taper off loperamide. I've done it before, and I can do it again. Mostly, I just wanted you to know you can talk to me still!!! I admire all your progress with drugs, and you've been a world of help to me! Take care of yourself. I'll try to play catch up on your Valium thread.

    :) Ellen
  9. sadbutglad
    Loperamide sounds like some bullshit!!! I've never fallin into that trap not to say that those who have are any less. I totally get it. I've had an opiate addiction to norco for 3 years now. I'm on day 3 of withdrawal now. Using kratom to get by and it's doing the trick. I heard kratom is addictive, but it tastes too damn bad for me to be using it like I would pills.

    Hang in there folkies. Some of you know you can just stop right now and go through the pain of withdrawal for 3 days and be done with the worst part of withdrawal. I'm learning with withdrawal the worst part is mental. The physical part DOES SUCk - don't get me wrong. But, I think we blow shit up in our minds of convince ourselves it can't be done. It can be done and it's no fun, but it's better than worrying about the effects this shit had on our bodies.

    I am deciding to hang in there today and not seek any pills for relief because I want me looks back, my mind back, my life back. I don't want to be looking for shit to get me through the days anymore. I want my story of addiction to be just that - my story. Not my life and not my future. Just a distant memory...
  10. trustme
    You have the heart of a fucking god my dude, you are so lucky.

    It was cool reading this thread, seeing some miserable dude turn to giving advice and being fine. Good stuff. Loperamide is extremely bad news.
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