Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal) - Part 15

By girlondrugs · Feb 1, 2015 · ·
  1. I shouldn't have taken that nap at around 8 something. It's 1 am and I'm up with shit to do lol oh well.

    What exact is Valium and what did you use it for. I heard of a lot if ppl taking it but I always thought it was like Xanax (and for a while I though Xanax was a pain killer or muscle relaxer smh) I really hope your taper will get better and you will be off it soon. I don't like seeing anyone in pain.

    The Yogi brand of Kava has been doing me really good by steeping 2 bags instead of 1. I do want to try the root or powder firm though, to get that mouth numbing effect? Only time my mouth has ever been numb was at the dentist for a root canal.(Sitting in a chair for two hours with my mouth wide open)

    So when I woke up I took my last 8 loperamide pills and guess what? They took away my withdrawal symptoms I was having. They were very very mild but still! Only eight! Idk how long it's going to last though. So when I get my loperamide today I will drop down to 20 pills twice daily.

    My school refund is going to be here soon so that means I get to buy a lot of things to help me get better. I was thinking of meal prepping for the week. I love brown rice and tilapia. Or salmon or grilled chicken. Then have a fresh vegetable on the side. I think I will do that. And buy some fruit and make green smoothies. I walk back home from school which is a 30 min walk. I will try to add in another form of exercise during the week. And TRY yoga. Never was really good at it. Maybe cause I always gave up. Yeah that's probably why lol

    My sister is going to be here for a week or two. She's coming tomorrow. So glad to see her. She always makes me feel better. I'm the youngest btw. She's 23 and pregnant, due in april. I can't wait! Especially since my ass does NOT want kids.

    Well I'm off to drink this kava and read some more threads and get on Twitter lol

    Love Lots :)


  1. Capo
    Xanax is the original brandname of a drug called Alprazolam.

    Alprazolam belongs to a family of drugs called Benzodiazepines.

    Valium is the original brand name of Diazepam, which is also a benzodianepine, or Benzo for short.

    Generally speaking, medicines ending in 'pam' or 'lam' are benzo's, although this is not always the case, obvious examples like Chlordiazepoxide (Librium) is a benzo, but doesn't end in "pam" / "lam" and Etizolam, which ends in "lam" and has benzo-like effects, isn't actually a benzodiazepine.

    Search the site and the internet but be warned, they're highly addictive and notoriously difficult to withdraw from after only a short period of daily usage. They are also some of the most useful drugs in the world as they have anxiolytic, skeleto muscle-relaxant, hypnotic and sedative effects. They also cause anterograde amnesia (loss of short term memory). There are loads of different benzo's, each with varying qualities e.g. Temazepam is particularly sedating, clonazepam is particularly good for anxiety, Midazolam is particularly good at curbing short term memory (it's often used before invasive surgery and, indeed as a date-rape drug).

    They are not desirable drugs in the vast majority of cases. Some people have the skewed perception that benzo's are the answer to all of their problems, but so often - too often, they end up becoming one of their problems.

    If I were you, I'd stay well away and concentrate on getting that Loperamide level down and down and down until it's no longer there to think about - I'm sure you're excited at the prospect. Glad you had a good day yesterday - keep it up :).

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