Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal) - Part 22

By girlondrugs · Mar 1, 2015 ·
  1. Hi guys!

    Sitting here trying to figure out the best way to use my kava. I don't have any cheesecloth or anything to strain it with.
    My loperamide hasn't come in yet (usually buy the 400 pills From Costco ) and it's really cold and raining so my mom isn't taking me to Walmart. I'm pretty calm about it, not losing my mind or anything lol like I would have before

    I would love to hear how you use your kava. I know I could look back through your thread but man that's a lot of pages. Thanks for all the love as well!

    I have to keep on pushing because I'm ready to be done with these things lol Yesterday I got a little aggravated because I'm going back home for spring break and if I had enough pills to last me 6 days. And I wish I didn't have to take them in the first place and blah blah.

    well I can't be all woe is me all the time lol but I'll be back on later!


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