Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal) - Part 27

By girlondrugs · Mar 19, 2015 · ·
  1. Morning guys!

    Doctor time!

    Hi JungleDog
    What you said didn't offend me in the leasr, I tell myself that all the time. I NEED to get off this shit. What exactly is Syncope? I have times where I jump out of my sleep and I know for sure it's the lope that's causing this. Or when I try to relax I have muscle spasms where my legs jump for no reason. Plus this vision thing is getting anoying. All these things are pushing me to get the fuck off these pills. I refuse to die over damn poop pill.

    I really wish I had the money now to buy some Kratom. I won't have it for another week. I really hope I get enough Gabapentin to la st until then.

    The doctor that I'm going to isn't my primary doctor (I don't have one). I was planning on tellING whoever I see everything but I don't think thats a good idea. Just gonna explain my RLS and see if I can get it.

    yeah that is a low dose, but I was lower. We both can do this, and I can't wait until you get down yourself. There's no way we BOTH can't succeed.

    I shall come back after my doctors visit!


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    Went to the doctor and she prescribed me with the 300mg Gabapentin. I only have 30 capsules in the bottle with 2 refills.
    I don't know how I should take them. do I take them with the loperamide or do I stop taking the loperamide all together? And if I do take them with the loperamide, do I drop my dosage?

    I don't really know where to look at on the site for info on it. I think I may just look back through JungleDog, Nefret, or Roaddoggy's old posts, because I'm sure someone mentioned it then.

    I'll stop back by later on.



  1. jjonhson88
    Syncope is fainting, or extreme muscle weakness related to highly reduced cardiac output, and the subsequently reduced oxygen to the brain. It was a constant struggle at seriously high doses (extreme weakness & muscles giving out, I never fainted), but has since gone away entirely at 60 pills daily. I keep constant check on my heart and now it's always in rhythm, no palpitations, in other words, back to normal. The syncope was really only a problem at excessively high doses; 250-300mg. I'm not sure that I buy the claim that *every* dose simply adds on to what's existing in your body, at least certainly not to the extent claimed above.

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    I didn't realize at the time how serious of an issue it was, or I'd have began my taper sooner. I honestly don't think cold turkey is safe, and will continue my taper till it's all said and done.

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    That being said, I appreciate every piece of advice given here, even if I don't think it's right for me. It means a lot to me, and I will be off of this stuff.

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    Not sure why you're having vision problems at such a low dose. My vision has returned to normal since reducing my dose to this level, whereas in the past at high doses I couldn't focus my eyes no matter how hard I tried. What you're describing is not syncope, however.
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