Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal) - Part 30

By girlondrugs · Mar 21, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi Guys.

    Yes most or all of that info I've already learned/heard but it's alright I'm glad to read it again, keeps me on my toes about getting off these pills.

    So I'm on 24 pills twice daily, but yesterday I just took the whole 48 at one time. I shouldn't have done that but I was too tired after school and wanted to go to sleep and not be bothered. Anywho I'm still not sure how the hell I'm supposed to be taking this Gabapentin. I really don't want to take it with the loperamide at all. And I damn sure don't have enough to last me a whole month with just taking the gabapentin itself. Not sure if my doctor will prescribe me more so soon.

    I'm waiting patiently to buy my Kratom, but time is of the essence since I've already been on these pills for 7 months. These shits gotta go.

    But I will be able to see how the gabapentin does on its on for about 3 days because I won't have any loperamide (they're in the mail) . But if I'm off of them for 3 days while I'm on the gabapentin , it's like going backward when I do get my loperamide in the mail to start back taking them right? At a lower dosage of course. If I had enough gabapentin to last me a month I would have stopped taking the loperamide the day i got them. I know the gabapentin doesn't diminish all withdrawal symptoms but I would endure them if I knew I had enough. Sigh.

    I really do think you should try the Kratom. I trus Roaddoggy's opinion and I'm going to get it myself. Good luck on your drop. I remember when I dropped to 25 from 55 for the first time. It wasn't awful but it wasn't comfortable either. The slight withdrawal symptoms from that drop only last about 3 days. I attribute that to the Kava tea. That stuff is amazing. The yogi one tastes like hot mint chocolate or something to me lol it was weird at first cause I hate hot chocolate but I began to like it. I would always drink a cup with two kit kat sticks lol great combo.

    I will be back in later. Going to drink some Kava right now. :)



  1. jjonhson88
    Now that my heart is back to normal, I just started an intense daily exercise regime, and I already feel like a different person, on day 3 (today). I can barely do 3 push ups, I am entirely disgusted with myself. It's going to be a long process but I'm going to regain my health & strength; loperamide has taken my life away, but it's coming back. I'm overjoyed to say that, after many failed attempts.
  2. Cmenot
    I think the dosage of gabapentin that others have found helpful are 600mg every 8 hrs or higher. Ask your DR for an increase in dose, what was prescribed? See if you can go without the loperamide after the 3 days... it has such a long half life, its really a question for Jungledog or Roaddoggy who have more experience with it.
  3. jjonhson88
    Been having serious panic attacks and hypochondria lately, and just tonight found that a single 450mg valerian capsule takes it away. Just an FYI for anyone else experiencing that part of it. It's the hardest part, and has been constant since reducing my dose from 288-350mg/day to 100mg/day where I'm at now. It's been less than a month since I last used the aforementioned dose, which I had been on for a year at that point, so it's probably going to take quite some time for me to feel normal.

    jjonhson88 added 4 Minutes and 24 Seconds later...

    I was actually contemplating heading to the ER tonight the anxiety/hypochondria got so bad. Everything I read I KNEW I had, and I was about to die as a result. The most difficult, absurd feeling on the planet I think. I've had valerian capsules for a long time but never used them, took one out of desperation and 30 minutes later began to feel human. What a reprieve.
  4. ianzombie
    Valerian is great.
    I am sure there are a lot of bunk valerian products on the market but if you find a good one it can be very helpful.
    Both me and my girlfriend swear by it. It works great for anxiety and it even knocks her out if she can't sleep.

    Unfortunately the EU have pulled valerian extract products from the shelves for the moment, i hope that gets resolved soon.

    I hate hearing about people in a jam with loperamide.
    I know you have expressed some doubts but i think that completly switching to kratom would be of great benefit. While kratom is also addictive i think that it seems to be a far easier thing to manage and taper off.

    Loperamide seems to have extremely long and difficult withdrawals.

    I would buy some red vein bali kratom and stop taking the loperamide completly and then when in withdrawals experiment to find the dose of kratom that makes the withdrawals bearable, then after a few days of that start to taper.
  5. KingLope
    ian is right, Kratom seems to be a lot more forgiving than other opiates when it comes to withdrawal and the symptoms don't seem to last any longer than 4-5 days. The only issue would be that you'd more than likely have to use the Kratom for at least a month, maybe two because of the length and time it takes for your body to remove the excess loperamide. As I've mentioned before I was basically bed ridden for almost 40 days after the initial acute withdrawal phase, runny nose, achey joints,depression, etc. You're basically aiming to replace one addiction for a less severe and more manageable one that will allow you to go through withdrawal with less intense symptoms. As for the valerian root, I've only ever bought one bottle but it did absolutely nothing to me even at 8,000mg doses, I think it may have just been a bunk brand because I bought it at the dollar store for like 5 bucks
  6. jjonhson88
    Just ordered 15g red borneo powder, just to evaluate efficacy, and got a free 10g sample from the vendor. Very nice, will be awaiting the package with high hopes. Even if it reduces the withdrawal by, say, 40% of cold turkey, I'll be ecstatic and will order a huge supply. After finding the right vendor it is indeed very affordable. Will start with a low dose and titrate up, using only the smallest amount required to alleviate withdrawal.
  7. Roaddoggy
    I find that Valerian root is awesome, but the capsules are not very good. I like to ordered freshly dried, Valerian root. I find that the real root, is far more effective than the store bought capsules. But I also find this to be true, of most herbs. Much Love Roaddog....
  8. jjonhson88
    Really looking forward to switching to kratom. It seems that now every time I take my daily loperamide dose, I have a motherload panic attack when it kicks it, almost invariably. Today was the worst. Lasted nearly 6 hours of pure torture, of being convinced that I was about to die, constantly checking my carotid for pulse regularity. I'm so desperately sick of this shit, that even if the kratom fails, I'm just going to have to find a diacetylmorphine source.

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    The medical journals need to become aware of loperamide's dangers, and how severe they are. It truly needs to come off of the shelves, and I'm one for outright legalization of drugs. It's just far too toxic.
  9. Jungledog
    Below is an article that may support my concerns. Loperamide does collect in fat cells and it builds. Read up on what a half life of a drug is and then realize that when you take it each day and it has a wicked long half life it accumulates. This drug causes nectrotizing colons, megacolons, and the dangerous heart issues below.

    It is NOT a calcium channel blocker. It is a piperidine derivative closely related to demerol which is rarely used anymore due to the awful neurological side effects. It does NOT prevent arrythmias, it causes them.

    As for gabapentin, tolerance builds wicked fast and when in withdrawal you will need to take 300-1200mg 2-3 times per day. I would save it for when you jump. There is no pain free withdrawal but it will make it much easier if combined with kratom.

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    Jungledog added 531 Minutes and 20 Seconds later...

    Oh and order of magnitude is a power of 10. So therapeutic dose is no more than 2x 10 making any dose above 20 dangerous.
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