Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal) - Part 36

By girlondrugs · Apr 12, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi guys!

    I received my Kratom today. Still not sure how to use it though. Should go in the Kratom section and read suggestions. But I should:

    -take on an empty stomach
    -start at a small dose
    -go as long as possible between doses as I can

    Well my loperamide should start giving me withdrawals at about 10. So should I start tonight or 2mrw?

    Probably tonight so I can throw these damn pills away.

    I can't wait to be FREEEEE



  1. ianzombie
    Go as long as you can without the loperamide and when the withdrawals become too much then take a few grams on an empty stomach. Then, leave as long as possible before you take any more.
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