Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal) - Part 56

By girlondrugs · Jan 6, 2016 · ·
  1. Hi Guys,

    Yes too much Tylenol does make me a little dope sick. Advil works extremely well for me for headaches. So I guess I can say is successfully dropped from 48 pills to 24, barely any worse withdrawal symptoms.

    I'm mad it took me so long to get this far but everything happens for a reason I guess.

    These are the list of vitamins that I plan on getting:

    L-Tyrosine 500mg (100 caps) $7.59 "Vitamin Shoppe"

    Vitamin B-6
    Vitamin B-12
    Fish oil (Omega 3-6-9)

    I hope this combo will help when I drop to zero on the loperamide. I still have ongoing RLS to tend to but I damn sure don't want a benzo habit. Ugh! Mostly everything my dad has I get from him. His feet (lol), the RLS, the back pains and etc.

    I just want to thank you all for sticking with me for so long. Even after I stopped coming here because I was embarrassed that my dosage got so high. I love all of you. For all the advice and the love back.



  1. cbabycee
    Quinnine can help with RLS, you can get it prescribed or it is found in tonic water - maybe try drinking some of that to help - also bananas if you get cramps as they have potassium which cramps usually signal a lack of!

    Your sounding so organised! And well done on halving the dose again!!!

    Love to you

    Cee x
  2. Chix757
    Wait! If I'm not mistaken quinine is a ppi and also can cause the elongated heart intervals. But you can look it up...
    I don't think you should mix loperamide and quinine and in my opinion after lots of research quinine shouldn't be used.
    Big hugs
  3. cbabycee
    Yeah quinnine can cause problems but the amount in tonic water shouldn't cause an issue.

    But best too err on the side of caution - thanks chix :)
  4. Puzzledtraveler
    I could comment extensively on loperamide addiction and withdrawal from my own experience but I will just tell you quickly what worked for me. I was at about a year long daily habit which peaked for the last 3-4 months at around 72 pills a day at 2mg each. You have to use about a 30 day taper. As long as each day is a reduction so that at 30 days or so you can jump off at the least amount you can tolerate quitting at which for me was about 5, for 10 mgs. Taper longer if need be but 30 days is ideal, almost perfect. I also started St. Johns wort about 2 weeks prior to beginning my taper and began using passion flower extract about 3 times a day. I used melatonin at night. These supplements helped a lot, even with the long taper I do not believe I would have been successful without them. They have helped me so much that I use them still. Of course you need to study carefully what and how these may effect you. You can do this, I used the stick notes on my desktop to chart my taper, I would enter what I was going to take the next day along with the date and then check that off each day. It helped a lot to see what my goal was for the next day. Do not make a chart with the entire month, it will make it seem so out of reach. I also posted a picture of my baby girl along side it with the caption "You can do it Daddy!" . If you ever need to talk, message me. I may not respond quickly but will be glad to assist.
  5. Jungledog
    Hello old friend. Keep pushing through your taper. I am completely clean. Detox is never painless but it does end and life becomes good again. Believe this.

    Love to you.
  6. Chix757
    Puzzeledtraveler I'm really happy to read your experience with loperamide, its valuable.
    Excellent plan
    Great job
    Big hugs
  7. Puzzledtraveler
    Thank you Chix757! It wasn't easy but I gained the world from kicking it. I can look at my daughter, almost two years old with pride now instead of the shame I used to feel. Though I am struggling to get my job back as I had to leave in order to tackle this, having done so was worth the price to regain my life for me and my family. Things are looking up, I have several interviews and it appears I may be slated to be rehired for the position I loved so much. I was a social services caseworker I loved helping people and want so much to do that again.
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