Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal) - Part 59

By girlondrugs · Jun 20, 2016 · ·
  1. Hi guys,

    So...it's been what? 5 months of going M.I.A?
    Well I am proud and a feeling a little defeated all at the same time. I am no longer on loperamide, I stopped at 15 pills (30mg) on April 26th. I honestly thought it wasn't going to happen at all. I was on loperamide for a year and 8 months. Too damn long if you ask me. I will put up my tapering schedule that I made, but I do have to forewarn it is not very idealistic lol

    Now on to the defeated part. We all know I suffer from RLS, and my doctor prescribed me Xanax .5 mg for it. I used that and the drug that started it all TRAMADOL to get off of the loperamide. Smh. I know it makes no sense but my dumbass reasoning was since I was alternating between the loperamide and the Xanax (that I only had 30 of) I was going to run out so I needed something to alternate it with. Crappy reasoning right.

    Now I am one day off of 2 months, well almost two months of Tramadol. It's like my shit just went full fucking circle. Hopefully my Tramadol withdrawals this time around aren't nearly as bad as August of 2014 when I took the route of trying Loperamide.

    I am all in all happy that I am two months off the Loperamide, but I won't be fully happy until my ass is two months off everything lol Or of course longer than that. It's challenge but one that I am glad to have gone through.

    Now I know I won't use anything to alternate or ease the pain this time. Because for one my Xanax makes me feel super sick and weird now. Like how the gabapentin used to make me feel. Still have half of them left.

    Any trace of pills are gone, all my pill bottles, even the old ones have been trashed. I just still can't help but think that this could have been over with so long ago.



  1. Capo
    Well done GFOD - you don't have to beat yourself up because you "could" have done it sooner - I'm guilty of that at times, but there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. The point is, you got clean from drugs and you're no longer burdened with active addiction (great isn't it?) so hats off to you!
  2. Chix757
    YOU never have to feel shame here girl.
    you are still "in it to win it" and that's all we/I care about
    I remember your tramadol withdrawal story and your loperamide story and let's take a moment to thank god you stopped loperamide.

    Hopefully this time will be easier with only 2 month use but we both know its going to be a white knuckle week or 2.
    You've been here done that and you are stronger for it.
    So stand up straight and beat this shit one more time!!!

    YOU can do this
    Big hugs
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