Loperamide Gone Wrong (Possible Journal) - Part 7

By girlondrugs · Jan 29, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi tmart.

    That is actually a good idea. I honestly couldn't do it. I had such severe stomach cramps I had to get some more loperamide until I am able to go to the doctor on monday.

    I also got some kava tea, and some valerian root capsules.

    When I go to the doctor I will mention that, along with the gabapentin and the stronger form of It. I forgot what it's called.

    Today when I took the loperamide I had to take god damn 72 of them to actually get my withdrawals to go away. I hate this. Every time I'm off and I get back on I have to take more. That's why I want to Stop. Besides the fact they're not good for you, I really can't keep doing this.

    Thank you for taking your time out to respond to me :)


  1. cielochick
    Hi sweetie,

    You're chasing your tail a bit. I know because I did this about 5 times before I decided on slow taper. You, yourself, said one big wad of pills lasts about 15 hrs. So you try to hang tough & symptoms & cravings do you in in a day or two. You're causing these huge peaks & valleys of drug in your blood stream. Psychologically, you're training yourself that loperamide makes the pain go away. Physiologically, you're not down-regulating your receptors at all & losing ground if you're goal is to be free one day. Financially, I don't think you're saving any more money since "cold turkey" doesn't last more than a day. Physically, a big wad of pills is how most of the cardiac deaths due to fatal arrhythmias have happened.

    Why not start at 50 pills--25 pills twice a day. Say 7am & 7pm. Hang there for 5 days then take it down by ~5 going to 22 pills twice a day for 5 days..... A plan like that follows the pharmacodynamics of loperamide better. No wild excursions, just a steady-state that won't have you desperate with cravings & symptoms.

    You've said you've dipped into percocets, tramadol.....before. Wouldn't it be great ,because you got your whole life ahead of you, to not need to reach for pills to feel normal. To not need to dip into dad's pills, look through friend's medicines cabinets, to not have the tug to bliss in a bottle when you find Mr. Right or decide on starting a family....
    I would do things differently if I was 21 again. I don't think it's wise doing hydrocodone again & I'm suspicious of Kratom. Be well, CC
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