Loperamide slowly after trying cold turkey from Fentanyl & Hydrocodone - Part 25

By RoseyRose · Aug 23, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks Road :) I've been taking about 14g a day steady for a couple of days and doing alright. The Zoloft is something I'm settling in with... makes me a little bit unemotional (I suppose that's the point!), but it's really helping with the ups and downs of all of this.

    Road - What was your dose of Kratom before you started loperamide?
    I'm finding that one type (The Premium) gives me some anxiety, and the Super Green seems to do a great job of masking pain and calming me down. Do you suggest mixing the two to get a well-rounded effect?
    I'm being careful not to increase, but am holding steady and will begin my taper when I hit 60 days off of loperamide (so taper down over the last month). I hope this works.

    I've had some fairly good moments lately where I feel so much better than I have in so long. I'm not sure if it's the Kratom or Zoloft, but I'm happy to be having more happy in my life. My kids are benefiting as well. Bless my husband for helping me cope with so much right now!

    Thanks so much for your support, RD! I'm off to check your thread now...


  1. Roaddoggy
    Well RoseyRose, I would like to say, yes I would mix the two.

    Also I was down to 7grams a day, when I decided to go on loperamide. I'm so glad your feeling better. I can tell you your feeling better from the kratom. I am happy to hear its got the ability to hold back withdrawals, from loperamide. It was something I had well suspected. You may have found the holy grail of kicking loperamide. If so then many may be able to use this method. As long as they have the willpower.

    I'm so glad your children are benefiting from this method. I hope my contributions, have helped. You deserve to have good days, and not be taking loperamide. You have worked hard to get here. Much love. Roaddoggy....
  2. Nefret
    Hey there Rosy :)

    About the Zoloft, in the beginning it gave me some minor symptoms like feeLing flat lined emotionly, but it does goes away, and I feeL all emotions. Well while tapering I feel flat lined with my emotions.

    So try not to worry, it will go away.
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