Loperamide slowly after trying cold turkey from Fentanyl & Hydrocodone - Part 26

By RoseyRose · Aug 23, 2014 · ·
  1. Thank you, RD and Nefret. I will start mixing the kratom and look forward to the zoloft evening out.
    Nefret- are you currently on zoloft and what is your dose each day? I am feeling SO much better than I did before, and am happy to ride out the minor side effects if it keeps me out of the hellish depression of this withdrawal. I hope you're finding relief with it, too, if you're taking it.

    I'm not sure, Nefret, what you're currently at for loperamide. I hope it's going well. Have you considered kratom to get off loperamide? It's worked so well for me, I figured I would check in. I'm sure you want to be done with it without too much upset considering everything on your plate right now. I don't know what the laws are in canada, nor if you've had any experience with kratom, but I think it's a fantastic solution to the prison that is loperamide once one gets down to lower doses. Keep fighting the good fight and I know I can safely say we are ALL rooting for you!!!!
    Much love


  1. Nefret
    Hey there Rosey :)

    I am still on Zoloft and will be on one for life. When I gave birth to my son I had the worse post partum depression you could imagine. And it never completely went away. So I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression/Anxiety. If I am sober and not going thru WDs, I feel regular, happy some days and sad, but not that heavy depression. I was on 100mgs then due to many stressors in my life she upped it to 150. Said also could help with PMS, but haven't noticed.

    With Kratom, it's addictive and if I get addicted to it by liking it a lot, then I have one more thing I might crave when this is all done and over with. For me, I don't want to touch anything addictive. But thanks for the though. :) Glad you are having an easier time with thing!!!
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