Loperamide slowly after trying cold turkey from Fentanyl & Hydrocodone - Part 31

By RoseyRose · Sep 18, 2014 · ·
  1. Just wanted to share an update - 60 days since my last loperamide and I feel pretty amazing.
    I also just got my lab results back and my thyroid is NORMAL! I was borderline hypothyroid and my numbers had gotten worse and worse and worse over the last 6 months or so. With my new normal levels, I can definitely say that I believe loperamide slowed down every system in my body...
    Hormones, bowels, brain, thyroid and probably more. Everything was stuck and I felt exhausted and sickly all the time.
    Now my energy is back and I'm getting out again and enjoying the world. I'm over the moon.



  1. Rockinhockey
    Rosey that is excellent news! There is definitely something about loperamide that is very different from other opiates, and I would venture to say it has some sort of atypical toxic effects on the body when compared to other opioids. So glad to hear you are off it and doing better.

    By the way 3 weeks ago today was my first day not taking a dose of loperamide, and I too feel excellent being off it. I posted in my old thread if you care to take a look at that. Congrats on the time off, keep on keeping on!
  2. Roaddoggy
    Yes great job, both of you. I believe I'm around a 120 days off loperamide, or something like that. I forget now.

    Still having a bit or rough times tapering Valium. But Ill get there some day. Much love. Roaddog....
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