Loperamide slowly after trying cold turkey from Fentanyl & Hydrocodone - Part 34

By RoseyRose · Dec 4, 2014 · ·
  1. Thank you so much Road and Jungle. I really appreciate the kind words and support. I know I'm not alone in beating myself up for getting myself into this mess, and it helps greatly to know I'm not alone in the journey, period. Hats off to both of you for getting clean and facing all of this with such strength. It's inspiring and tells me my path is indeed almost over with this stuff.

    Road - you are completely right about kratom likely being a walk in the park compared to loperamide. I still remember that deep, buzzing restlessness that I had for so long and couldn't bare the thought of living with for 3 months. I still think about how unreal it is that you jumped off of it. And that you did us all such a great service by sharing your experiences almost every day. Thank you. So much.

    Jungle - I'm so incredibly happy for you that you never got in too deep with loperamide!! 50 pills per day isn't small, either. Did you jump right to kratom? I should read your thread and see how you did this. I'm impressed. Would love to know what your switch to kratom was like and if you had symptoms underneath, etc. Congrats on the kratom taper!! Kratom is a wonderful plant for situations like ours. I wish I had started it back when I was trying to find a way off of fentanyl!
    Thank you both. And best wishes on both of your journies to freedom!!

    RoseyRose added 5 Minutes and 48 Seconds later...

    Oh, I also wanted to add that I would consider jumping from Kratom if I could take the time off of work and be there for my kids. Tapering over the next month will hopefully keep me more functional and able to participate in the holidays with my family.
    Road - When you got down to 7 grams per day of kratom, what were your withdrawal symptoms? I know you were on it a bit longer than I have been. I started taking 5 to 15mg hydrocodone everyday while I was battling my crazy ulcers a few weeks ago, so I finally stopped hydro 4 days ago and am re-stabilizing on my 15 capsules of kratom before dropping that. I feel fine now that I've simplified off of hydro again, so tomorrow will be a drop to 14. I'm going to drop by 1 every 3 days and see how it goes. I just don't want to drop too fast and backtrack into higher doses to start feeling better. I would kick myself way too hard for that.

    Thanks again.


  1. Jungledog

    I used loperamide for months to keep me functioning when my pills ran out. When I decided to quit the oxy and morphine, I just jumped to the loperamide. I was on that about a month but tapered the whole time. My jump to kratom actually went well but then I tried to taper that too rapidly and triggered my adrenal insufficiency (long story, you can read my really long thread if you want to learn more...title Quitting oxycodone with loperamide- my story) so I had to slow down. I did have strong withdraw symptoms initially but I was able to keep working so it wasn't too bad. I think all drugs affect people differently (there is a lot of research to support that it is genetic). Loperamide did not have a strong hold on me thankfully. I do though think I will have withdraw when I jump from kratom.

    Keep to your slow taper. This is the best way to get off. :)
  2. Roaddoggy
    Well thank you for your kind words RoseyRose. I am so glad, that your starting to feel better. I would say tapering down, a little each day, over a month should be pretty easy.

    I had a sneaking suspension, one could use Kratom, to get Off Loperamide. Actually in my heart, I knew it could be done, and done easer, than my cold turkey method.

    I feel you and Jungledog, are on the cutting edge, of finding a tolerable, way of getting off loperamide. I believe it will be your templates, that others will use, to rid them selves of this drug.

    I guess for me, My loperamide experience was to prove it can be done. That anyone can get off Loperamide, as long as there willpower will allow for it. I wanted to prove it can be done, I wanted to document it, I wanted to help others, I wanted to find an easer way.

    Unfortunately for me, Kratom was simply not an option. As I already was addicted to Kratom too. Hell I had been using Kratom, for years.

    Now I am clean from Kratom, Loperamide, all opiates, for so long I cant remember. I think I am 6 months clean now, or something like that. I really don't think of it much, except to realize, I am clean, and I still feel the need to help others with this drug. As I am sure you will to.

    Here is the Facts folks. There has only been one person on the Drug forum, to ever get clean from loperamide, and document it, on the Drug Forum. As I told JungleDog, and I will tell you RoseyRose, I will soon have to share that title with you two. Which I will be proud to do.

    I also believe because of your bravery, into being a lab rat, and trying to use Kratom, to get off Loperamide, will make my cold turkey method, Or even tapering loperamide Obsolete. Which I feel is a good thing. Because jumping cold turkey is so dam painful, I cant even express it in words.

    So I say to you RoseyRoase, and JungleDog, your doing great. You have this. The light at the end of the tunnel should be getting quit bright at this point, so follow your way out. Ill be there on the other side , to welcome you and give big hugs, for a job fucking well done. Much Love Roaddog...
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