Loperamide slowly after trying cold turkey from Fentanyl & Hydrocodone - Part 35

By RoseyRose · Jan 13, 2015 · ·
  1. Thank you so much, Road. I needed to read this tonight. My taper from Kratom is going alright. I'm down to 15 capsules today from about 30 one week ago. I wasn't on that dose for very long, luckily, so I'm guessing this is where the real work begins. Dropping from 15 will be hardest because thats been my lowest dose (approximately) since I started. So my body probably expects at least that.

    I'm now just taking a single capsule as needed, sometimes 2 if I'm feeling particularly rough. I think the worst part is the anxiety I'm having over so many small things. I start to get very disoriented and anxious while at work, but I keep reading that this means I should hold at my dose until this subsides before dropping again?

    I am planning on going on a weekend cruise in March with my best friend from college (and 6 other gals) in close quarters, so this has become my new target. I want to be completely off of Kratom by mid February so that I have about a month to recover and thoroughly enjoy myself on the cruise. I sure as hell don't want to have to carry this stuff with me on the ship. And I know I'll have a much better time being just ME.. Unhindered by meds of any sort.

    I actually took .25mg of clonazepam tonight, along with a small amount Benadryl and some GABA (forgetting I also took Prilosec) so I'm hoping to not die in my sleep. My legs feel a little tingly so it's kind of freaking me out. Can't believe I forgot about the Prilosec... Dumb move. I was just looking to get some sleep, not get high at all. My brain withdrawaling from Kratom is a strange thing, indeed. Ready to be done and never have to be worried again about sleep, brain fog, etc.

    All in all, you're right Road. We will kick this. And we will have beat loperamide addiction by different paths. What I'm feeling is truly nothing compared to loperamide withdrawal. Worst experience ever, and I still am in awe of the fact you did it cold turkey.

    Be well everyone. I hope you're all sleeping well and conquering your obstacles steadily.


  1. Roaddoggy
    Glad to hear, just wanted to check in, and tell ya, I am still alive. Much Love Roaddog....
  2. Cmenot
    Great to "see" you Roaddoggy!! Hope you are doing well!
  3. RoseyRose
    Just an update... My struggle with opiate-like substances is nearing an end, I think. I am down to 8 Kratom capsules a day (and maintaining there for one week so far) and can feel my old self returning.

    I want to add that, as a woman, the very best time to cut dosage down is immediately after the end of a menstrual cycle. Yep. I went there. It's good info to consider as a woman.

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