Lou2011´s amphetamine recovery - Part 6

By Lou2011 · Dec 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Quick update, I'm currently working a nightshift, only doing one shift a week at the moment and also have a few hours at my other job cleaning throughout the week, still caring for family member and probably will be for another month or so, which is when I plan to kick this habit again, actually I want to try kick it for new year if possible! Good news is that I'm now only taking one prescribed med (nsaid for arthritis pain) have even stopped my contraceptive pill to try and sort my hormones out hoping that will balance my natural state! Although me n partner had an accident (didn't use other means of protection) so unfortunately I had to get morning after pill. I'm hoping it hasn't messed up my cycle to much! So anyway, I am using for about twice a week like I said in previous post apart from this week! It's been 3days, Christmas morning,Friday morning and tonight but thankfully I'm still only managing on a very small amount, I want to try and get through this week without it, might order some supplements from Holland n Barrett to help me out!
    Anyway best wishes to you all for the new year stay safe people xxx


  1. Sob4life
    Regular exercise will help the flag and the drag it's called endorphins anything that promotes endorphins Google that s*** and do the hell out of it

    Sob4life added 1 Minutes and 8 Seconds later...

    I was feeling down when they went to my parents got on there four wheeler and just started jumping hills sure done the trick I do anything get a runner's high again but I can't run anymore because my ankle I have no ankle joint so it makes it kind of difficult that I would give anything to get a runner's high again
  2. Lou2011
    Next month will be a year "clean" and feeling good about life atm.
  3. Topa01
    Well done on your nearly a year clean! Am glad your feeling good!
  4. Lou2011
    Thanks topa01 another 16 days and I done a year, feeling abit crappy the last couple dayz, very agitated and irritatable! I'll get through it though, it's nice to be in control.
  5. Topa01
    Soz to hear you feeling crap lately. It will happen from time to time. Glad your enjoying being in control I feel the same. Hope your feeling better by now.
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