Meth withdrawal diary - Part 1

By dr.vondertann · Sep 9, 2014 · ·
  1. Hello everybody,

    after daily use for about 4 months, I have decided to quit meth. I'm not sure whether I want to abstain forever, as meth is a powerful tool; however, I want to stay clean for an extended period of time to detox, regenerate and to prove that I can do it. This will be my diary as I go along my withdrawal. I don't know whether I will be able to write every day, but I will try. Everyone who goes through the same ordeal is welcome to participate, as well as everyone who has in the past; and whoever has wanted to quit but never has - why not join me right now and do it together?

    Regarding my meth use: I started using about 20-25 mg daily, and was up to about 50 mg at the end. My method of intake was by smoking. I had the more effective d-methamphetamine (so probably made from pseudo instead of p2p) and the purity was exceptional. So at least no toxic impurities.
    Yesterday and the day before that, I did not sleep and consumed maybe 80-100 mg in total. I mainly used it as a tool to increase my performance at work. Yesterday was my last day at work for some time and I kind of binged on meth as I did a huge cleaning operation of my work space.

    I have not set myself any rigid rules for this withdrawal, as I believe that doing that would only frustrate me more and would make the whole thing a lot harder. If I can 100 % abstain from meth, that would be best. Still, in the most dire of circumstances (e.g. if I am called in for work unexpectedly and can't do it otherwise) I might use a small amount of meth or adderall or ritalin to get going and not lose my job. I will try my best to avoid it, though. Other drugs will be ok - but I do not think that this is the right time for psychedelics, as having a bad trip is very likely when I feel like shit the whole time.

    I am taking the anti-depressant mirtazapine, maybe it will help somewhat. Or make me even more tired, who knows. I've been taking it for a while, so I will not quit that as well right now (otherwise double withdrawal = no good).

    Day 1

    So, today was my first day off meth. What can I say? As expected, I am dead tired and I'm eating a lot. Also my mood is quite low and I often wonder whether I will ever be active and alright without meth again. However, on the plus side, I haven't had any serious cravings as of yet. I vaped some nice ganja earlier and entertained myself with YT videos.

    I have not eaten a lot of veggies today, as I generally hate those. I have at least taken vitamin pills and eating whole-grain bread, however, to somewhat help my body in repairing the damage.
    From tomorrow on, I will try taking some tyrosine supplements, as that is an amino acid that is converted into dopamine and norepinephrine by the body in an attempt to refill my body's stores of neurotransmitters.

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    Day 2

    Still no cravings, hooray! Spent most of the day in bed, however. Even the most basic tasks are extremely hard. Haven't taken a shower the last few days, too tired. At least I've managed to cook a pizza (home-made dough etc.) just now and I'm celebrating two days without meth with hot tea, nice food and ganja. Gotta make the best of a fucked up situation ;)

    I got a call from work that I have to go there tomorrow. I'll only have to be there for an hour or so and talk with the boss. But even that seems out of the question without stimulants. How am I supposed to get out of bed in the morning and take a shower? Will I need to fall back to the pipe already...?


  1. dr ACE
    Thanks for sharing the beginning of your recovery from methamphetamine. Dont do it man, you will feel better getting through the tough stuff at work without drugs. Stay strong man you can do it
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