Methadone taper/ detox - this time it's real! - Part 17

By Helene · Jan 2, 2015 · ·
  1. The same personality attributes which I previously used to rationalise and intellectualise my former opiate usage have proved extremely valuable to the detox/ recovery process - stubbornness being top of the list!

    Re-reading this thread now, I wonder why it has been so straightforward for me? I'm enjoying life, but things have been stressful at times, yet the desire to return to any sort of drug use just hasn't happened. I think back to a previous post of Sparkles's in this thread, wherein she said I would need to put more in place than enthusiasm and happiness to counter the almost inevitable cravings when they occur...well I haven't done so, and I haven't had anything approaching a craving. I've been moving forwards on the basis that because I do not in any way want to take drugs (let alone heroin) at all, and the thought of doing so makes me feel ill, that's good enough. It's worked so far.

    What is a craving anyway? Initially, when I started using opiates, I wanted to use them because I enjoyed it. It felt good. Then I got addicted, and wanted to use to stop feeling sick, and to function normally. Then when I stopped enjoying the feeling of heroin, and started reducing the dosage of methadone, I wanted to be off it as fast as possible, because I hated having to take these substances to feel normal. Where do the cravings come into it? I understand the cravings for a cigarette, for instance (Incidentally I have quit smoking. Damn that was hard. Surprisingly so, actually), but this is nothing like any desire I ever had in the past to use heroin. For me, cigarette cravings are rather ephemeral, fleeting desires that come from nowhere, but are sadly usually acted upon straight away. Whereas using heroin was a conscious decision, a cerebral one, not some extrinsic notion infiltrating my mind.

    Any thoughts?


  1. ozzmosis
    I jumped from 105 mg 31 days ago. Pure hell but i wouldve liked to have made it that low on methodone. My first three weeks it was bathroom couch over and over and i put my legs up the wall everynight to try and sleep, even tied them together. I used elimidrol it seemed to help some but im at 31 days and these chills are driving me crazy. They wont go away. I couldnt detox like you. My car was totalled and no ride to the clinic. God firced my hand. Im a 20 year addict. Maybe it was just my time but i swear if these chills dont quit im going to go crazy. You are doing great though to have made it to 2 mg you should be proud. Stay strong its not easy but maybe since you did it how you should you wont suffer as i have. I wanna hear about this when your done
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