Methadone withdrawal. Trying again. - Part 16

By natey7 · Mar 5, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support!

    Yeah I made it through :) :). Finally lol. I feel like me again :D. I haven't been able to say that in a loonnngg time.
    (Apparently me and Methadone makes for a very bad combination). Eek. (At least now I know though). I'm like the 1% of the population that Methadone will just not work for.
    And thanks ozz, sounds good. Will do. And congrats!

    Yeah I can relate with the mind thing. It's a real bitch sometimes! Just gotta not let it get to you though. (Keep that shit behind you; rather than letting it get in front if you know what I mean ;)). Remissioned and inactive.
    Totally can relate with the influences thing too. People like us need positivity.

    And yee I made it, woot woot. I'm completely off of the liquid handcuffs now :). I don't think I'll be making that mistake again. Learned straight hard this time. Totally was not expected.

    Now it's just dealing with everything that got messed up sort of. Or actually learning I guess I should say. Living life.

    I so deserve my happy ending!


  1. JarvyJarvison
    Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. NEW. Need support please! Cold-Turkey. Detox.

    Damn dude. You've been battling this thing for almost two months now. Way to go! Stay strong! You can do it!
  2. natey7
  3. jjonhson88
    Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support! 15mgs.

    You disagree that loperamide is addictive? It's not a matter of opinion. Loperamide has just as much ability to create serious physical dependency as any other opiate. Many of us on this site know that firsthand.
  4. natey7
    Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support!

    Yeah it can be addictive apparently if it's used too much (as I already pointed out above). Just look around more. I'd be careful with it myself.
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