Methadone withdrawal. Trying again. - Part 6

By natey7 · Jan 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support!

    I've been on it for years already. Thanks for the concern though (I was all the way up to 6mgs a day before).

    Managed to walk around outside today. Was nice to get fresh air. A bit overwhelming around all the new faces. Anxiety level's a bit high. One thing I realized though is that shit, I really gotta get a routine going. Laziness is killing me. I just can't have anything sucking me back into the drug world anymore.

    It was weird, as I was walking home I looked at an add that I normally walk by on a bus stop and for some reason my brain portrayed it differently today. More positively I guess. Whereas when I was on the 15mgs of Methadone a day my brain automatically portrayed it negatively for some reason in some sort of a way (I don't know why).

    Anyways yeah. I gotta get off my ass more. Surprisingly enough day 3's not as bad as I expected it to be. The last time I kicked was soo much worse (so far). I'm a bit cold and my body feels like it's been in a fight or just got beat up, but other than that I don't feel too bad. The walk around town really helped get my blood flowing again. And the oxygen was nice.

    And yeah, there's reports of others getting addicted and believe it or not withdrawals from that Loperamide shit (only when abused though). It works on the opiate receptors so I'm not surprised.

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    Super sore now that I'm more settled down. My body feels like I've been doing a million sit-ups but I haven't even done one. Extremely low on energy. Just curled up under the blankets trying to catch warmth. Savouring the silence. Also feel like I got a bruised rib for some reason. Hope that goes away soon.
    On a better note, I was able to bus by that store that carries the poppys today without a single thought entering my head about picking any up, or using for that matter. I went for breakfast at A & W's instead :)

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    Took a Tylenol this morning too for the body and head pain and added Echinacea to the regimen.


  1. nursemarie
    Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support! 15mgs.

    No I was agreeing with you about not INCREASING your dose of clonazepam which you had mentioned you didn't want to do in a prior post
  2. natey7
    Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support!

    Oh okay cool. Yeah that's screwed me over so many times to be honest.
  3. nursemarie
    Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support! 15mgs.

    Maybe you are getting edgy coming off it lol. ;) well one thing at a time. It would be so harmful to try to come off too much at once. And as far as the clonazepam at a lot less stigma and side effects than methadone. I'm not worried about discontinuing that. Imo though. I know what you mean about wanting to get off all meds...I've been sitting here going maybe it would help if I picked up oxys started antidepressants. ..etc. I'm starting to decide there's gotta be happiness somewhere without a pill. I remember it was once possible but it's been a lot of years and drugs ago...
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