Methadone withdrawal. Trying again. - Part 7

By natey7 · Jan 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support!

    Yeah, I'm all for harm reduction.
    And I hope you don't pick up any Oxy! I know I can't control that shit (waay too addictive and insidious in my opinion). That's like handing the remote over to someone who literally has the power to kill you.

    And yeah lol, I've just been dying to come off of the Benzos for a while now tbh. The side-effects from the higher doses suck (anxiety's a real bitch). (I kinda feel better overall on the lower doses of Clonazepam now if that makes any sense, but what's the whole point in staying on a low dose?). And I don't really see a stigma in them either as they are prescribed and not boughten off of the streets, but I wanna be totally off of them eventually myself. Benzodiazepines really do become such a pointless addiction to have after a while. And I only really ever saw a stigma in Heroin to be honest (before I knew about it myself that is). You know how it is growing up I'm sure.

    I don't know about the antidepressants myself. I've tried most of em already in the past. Can't stand em personally (was prescribed them to try and help with my Benzo taper, as well as the depression that Methadone gave me). You gotta know that everyone's different though.
    I don't really even see antidepressants as a happy pill. From what I remember they made me feel quite bland and empty shelled, so I really don't understand why they're even called anti-depressants to begin with.

    You jumped from 120mgs though eh? That's quite a big jump. The fact that your even able to come on here and chat is a really good sign. Congrats! :thumbsup:

    I'm supposed to be going from 1mg of Clonazepam down to .75 mgs a day in several days too.

    I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but looking over it all, I feel like the worst of the Methadone withdrawals are sort of over for some reason. Kind of trips me out. Hopefully it stays like that. That would be so killer. Sometimes my mind can play tricks on me.


  1. nursemarie
    Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support! 15mgs.

    I just never had an issue with benzos was my only take away. I don't enjoy the incessant need for a nap lol. But if you could get off everything what a joy that would be. Medication is imprisoning. Most my patients just want to know how they can get off their meds. Not even the good ones just blood pressure diabetes etc. Because the doctors refills costs..that little pill controlling your life. I hope you're correct you're through the worst of it but as I've said i really got smacked hard about day 10. But again I came off a pretty high dose though some people say the dose doesn't matter it's hell all the same. I was talking to a guy at my clinic that said he's been on 300 MG for 10 years. Can you imagine lol??? And I too did everything from Lexapro to haldol. No thanks they all sucked. Sometimes when you're used to medicating you just start searching for something new when you end something else. Admittedly they gave me morphine in the hospital but that was negligible to me. I've never cared much for morphine mahself. Today is the first day I attempted to jog though and I believe at this juncture I'm 12 days out. I just try to forewarn everyone up until about day 5 I thought it kind of sucked but it was livable. About day 6 was when suicide crept into my mind. Today is the first day I've felt better. Just don't give up
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