Methadone withdrawal. Trying again. - Part 9

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    It's doable at least...

    Felt like complete shit tonight. Couldn't even really get myself dinner. Slept through the afternoon, woke up and did not want to move. So cold. Not the best mood. My frickin ankles feel like they're swelled up or something. Just crazy RLS. Legs shaking and shit. Took me a while to get myself to reach over and put on a tune. Track gave me a bit of shivers though so that was alright. Stretching my legs and cracking my neck seems to stimulate some sort of endorphin activity if that makes any sense. Feel sweaty again from writing. Hope it doesn't get any worse at this point.

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    I hope my mood straightens out soon. Feels so gloomy tonight. Just crazy highs and lows.

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    End of day 3: a bit of a runny nose. Hot and cold at the same time. Some weird hot flashes occasionally.

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    As for actual PAWS, there are supplements out there that can help that won't fuck you up like drugs will:
    A complete Amino Acid supplement, D - Phenylalanine (it has to be D and not L), Hemp Oil (in supplement), a daily Multi-Vitamin, Echinacea, regular or when needed Tylenol or Advil/Motrin if preferred.

    I'm starting to find cigarettes only make me feel worse (afterwords especially). It's just not worth it.

    Surprisingly enough I'm able to sit here in a t shirt tonight. That's pretty killer for me.

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    Got about 3 hours of sleep. Woke up a bit sweaty, but most of all hungry as hell for some food. Went down to make a meal. Noticing my reflection looks better (don't look all yellow anymore like I did when I was taking the liquid handcuffs every day).
    Most of all now just super tired. I want my full nights sleep already. Fuck. Beginning of day 4.

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    Morning of day 4: Was able to walk 20 feet to the basement and chill down there this morning. Getting so sick of this room. If it wasn't the middle of winter I'd most likely be walking around outside and getting back into my photography.
    My body still hurts but I think the peak of the withdrawals has passed at least. So much time in a day it's just mind blowing. Actually was a bit out of breathe from the 20 foot walk tbh (I can tell the cigarettes are messing with me). Anxiety seems to be cutting me to the core this morning too. Have headphones on my ears and my ears hurt from having the headphones on there to. Still sensitive.
    Gonna try and hopefully cut out the smokes all together today. We'll see I guess.
    A tiny bit of chills to. Ears hurt faaack.

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    So damn sore today. My back is killing me. My thoughts aren't the greatest and I'm exhausted from the lack of sleep. All in all, roughin it hard. I can't wait for this to end already. God damn.

    Had a multivitamin, echinacea and hemp oil this morning. Some nicotine. I hurt. A LOT! And don't have time for any more shinanigans. How can you tell I'm growing up?
    Overloaded on the music this morning too. Fucked me over obviously. I need to find some nice relaxing activities or something. Head is killin me to. I never thought I'd say it, but I think I'm actually starting to get sick of my music. Is that even possible?

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    Napped a bit this morning/afternoonish. Had a bit of nightmares, woke up in a sweat. Couldn't get out from under the blankets, not even to get myself food. Feel like shit today. Some twisted mind games come in waves to. I'm a believer in prayer. Just gotta hold on for life thru this hell (Middle of day 4). Stuck sitting on the bottom here if you catch my drift, in a metaphorical twisted kinda sense.


  1. nursemarie
    Re: Methadone withdrawal timeline. New. Need support! 15mgs.

    I'm hurting really badly today too. Went to work for 4 hours then gave up...I'm almost 2 weeks out. Any day now. And I feel quite manic depressive as well
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