My battle with Opiates/Opioids... - Part 3

By Cam520 · Oct 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Hey Jung, thanks for stopping by. I have used Lope in the past to help with withdrawals and can attest it does work. I never found it very pleasant, but it was def better than cold turkey. I can see how one could be addicted to it, so dont be down on yourself just because its not a common medication to be addicted to. It takes willpower.

    Today was 30mg, felt better than yesterday for sure, good for most of the day actually. Tomm will be 40mg and I think it will be my sweet spot....Lets see.

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    Oh, and I have thought about how Im going to stay away from the pills, even though its family meaning I cant really stay away like I normally would. I simply told them to keep it away from me, dont offer and dont have it accessable and they were just fine with it.


  1. Jungledog

    Ok so now I have a question. Are you doing maintenance or planning just this 21 day taper? Just curious.

    I actually do not consider myself addicted to loperamide. I am addicted to oxy and am using the loperamide to get off it. Well, that and kratom and gabapentin. How are you feeling today?


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    Oh and your plan with the family access to pills is a good one. :)
  2. Dreggs
    Presumably you told the family member that gives you the drugs on previous attempts not to supply you anymore right? So whats going to make this time different? Are you honestly saying you've never just helped yourself? Cos I seriously doubt I'm the only one who's stolen family members drugs on occasion, learning how to pick open locks isn't one of my proudest achievements, but locked medicine cabinets vs drug addiction have only one outcome. Best of luck with it, just don't make it harder than it need be. Get a lock on the sweet shop. A big one.
  3. Jungledog

    Her last post states she came clean with her family member and asked them to keep the drugs from her. She did good! :)


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    Edit: I believe she said on my thread that previously she had not done this. You have a good point though. Cam520, had you asked them before to withhold?

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    Just read your edited post and LOL'd! Yeah, I have family access too. Right now I am literally staying physically away from their home and will do for a long time. They are unlikely to lock things up. Good advice you gave here.
  4. Cam520
    Oh Ive def stolen meds in the past, the creative ways I managed to do these things was plain pathetic.

    but I let him know to keep it out of my reach, and before I was just looking to get high, Im ready to get off now..

    Jung.. good to see you, Im a HE though.. lol. Just letting u know..
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