My battle with Oxy. - Part 10

By House32 · Sep 18, 2014 · ·
  1. Wow!!! 10 days.

    I couldn't of ever envisioned being 10 days clean a month ago. I'm learning that the body is truly an amazing thing. People search life times trying to understand the miracle of the human body.

    I have taken the advice and decided not to go on an anti depressant. I appreciate the advice, you are correct, I am still healing. These past two days I've seen a huge improvement. I think just planning my day with events help. I find myself joking and smiling again. Today I spent half my day at the casino!! Had a blast, and the other half cleaning my house.

    But what I'm finding strange is, when I enjoy things, like the casino or after a good meal, I get bad cravings. They are definitely in my control. Just really annoying. I do miss getting high, but being clean is more important to me, and my family.

    next week I have an appointment to see a psychologist. I'm kinda feeling weird about it especially at 170 bucks an hour!!! Has anyone found this form of treatment beneficial? My doc is also try to get me a psychiatrist, which wouldn't cost me anything.

    Further to this, I think I'm finally ready to attempt running again. I will give it a go tomorrow. More updates to follow :)


  1. futureman
    Congrats on 10 days house! You are on your way, keep up the hard work. It's worth it!
  2. Kitts
    Wow House, 10 days! You've done so well and come so far. Planning fun things to do is a great help, both before (planning stage) and during. Maybe you need to plan something small for after, whether it's a little treat you like (me, I'm a sucker for a hot chocolate or a smoothie), or a tv show you enjoy. Remember those cravings can be ridden out like a wave. It might be worth spending a little reading time on handling cravings and also mindfulness (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), just so you don't put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Keep up the great work! Very inspiring thread :).
  3. OverDoSe2ThiS
    Yes! House great job!--I always looked at it like this..If your 3 miles into the forest its gonna take you 3 miles to get out of the forest..Very inspiring thread, agreed Kitts
  4. It'sOn
    Watch out for enjoying the food and casinos. I piled on the weight after I got clean, chowing down lots just like a good non-treated addict does. Thank goodness casinos aren't close or that would have been another problem for me, probably. Cross addictions are easy to slide into, without any effort whatsoever.

    Some fortress themselves against slips and cross addictions by 12 Step programs and/or therapy.

    Big congratulations on your clean time. Keep going, you'll feel much better before you know it.
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