My battle with Oxy. - Part 2

By House32 · Sep 11, 2014 · ·
  1. Exercise? Lol. I can barely climb my stair to get a drink of water. Crazy enough, today is the worse so far for body aches. Couple hours ago I was getting a fever and felt like my bones were breaking in my skin.
    Kitt, I want to truly thank you for sticking with me on this. Even the slightest motivation during this phase goes a long way. I'm soon approaching the 4 day clean mark (96 hours)

    I really hope the body aches go away. Sleep has been a nightmare, however last night I gave myself enough clonazepam to knock me out for 5 hours. Felt good, but don't want to rely on it to sleep all the time.

    Based on people's experiences, when is the worst of the withdraw over? I guess you can say I've been follow the Tomas recipe. I bought L-tyrosine and have vit B6. Which I plan on taking tomorrow morning, but only if the withdraw Symptoms have gone? Or does it matter?

    Thanks again for all the support. It's amazing how clear you think once the clouds have lifted. I may even try to quit nicotine next. Lol but getting a head of my self. :)


  1. Kitts
    I'm so glad you're feeling better :) I would say that you need to expect the best but prepare for the worst, that is, to do all of those things that you have planned to get you through the next few days, but try to put your mind elsewhere and spend time doing things you like with your family. Don't dwell on the idea of a long drawn out withdrawal. Don't fret about those things you read.

    As the the rehab was no help, have you thought of something to put in its place to help once the physical withdrawal is done? A couple of ideas that might be of interest to you are CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) which can be extremely useful in combating anxiety and stress, and SMART Recovery. Of course then you have the NA, 12 Step route if that's your thing. It would be a good idea to find something in addition to DF.

    How are you feeling as the day goes by? Any improvement?
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