My battle with Oxy. - Part 9

By House32 · Sep 16, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 9 Update:

    Today has proven to be a good day. No Advil or Tylenol as the body aches have left me. I woke up feeling good, I'm starting to see some light through all of this.

    Today I had a doctors appointment that proved to be very valuable. While driving to my appointment I had the windows down, enjoying the breeze, and cranked the tunes (I have founds eminems recovery album insightful) lol.

    While with my doc we talked about many things, one of them being my depression. We have decided for a couple of weeks till my neurotransmitters have healed, I use a drug to help produce serotonin and dopamine.(antidepressant) this will not be a permanent thing...but will help while my brain heals.

    Further to this, she is setting me up with a psychologist which will help me deal with some of my issues. I'm now starting to feel really excited about my future!!

    Also.... I told my doctor about what happened at the rehab facility. She also agrees I should seek legal counsel. That being said, I have an appointment on Friday to seek legal advise. Before booking the appointment (and I guess not to waste time) they asked me about what happen, after explaining she booked me in, so I must have a case!

    By the might of God, I will use all my strength to ensure this place doesn't take advantage of another person in their weakest time. It's sickening that these so called "rehab" centers take advantage of families in despair. I will make this apart of my healing therapy. Lol

    Just thought I'd drop a line and say all is well....or as well as it can be.


  1. Anionix
    As far as I'm aware antidepressants take at least two weeks before they start impacting certain neurochemicals with the possibility of feeling even more depressed until that point. It seems counterproductive in my eyes to take something like that for just a short time. Your mind will heal naturally just give it a chance and don't expect to feel great after such a short time after taking opiates for such a long time. Just my two cents.

    Good luck!
  2. EmergencyGrant24
    Hey man I am So So sorry to hear about how poorly you were treated by this scam of a rehab place and we both live in Canada I can't believe they made you pay 15 thousand dollars for nothing basically! This makes me sick to my stomach that people who are trying to help someone like you and the others and they are just taking advantage of you and everyone else in there.

    Then they treat you rudely and the Director lied to your wife jeeze man that is just insane! I would contact a lawyer like you suggested and I would get some of the other patients there to join in on the suit maybe you'll have more success that way!

    I find it ridiculous that you even had to pay for this! My sister just went to a medical detox place today and a rehab center when shes done detoxing for 3 months and it's all free. My sister got addicted in a similar fashion except it wasn't her wisdom teeth, she fell from about ten feet onto concrete right on her tail bone at the age of 13 and she was pot on liquid codeine by her family doctor then she found out she had some back issues and even though she told her family doctor she was addicted to drugs he kept prescribing percocet to her even though she told him she was abusing them to this day she still gets 3 everyday.

    I myself when I was 15 Had to drop out of high school because I was diagnosed with a number of painful chronic back conditions. I have Ankylosing Spondilitis, Lumbar Sacralization, Sacroiliitus, Scoliosis and Secondary Scoliosis. I was started off on NSAIDs was on Mobicox 15mg once a day for 4 years with 2 percocet a day and 7.5mg of Diazepam daily 2.5mg 3 times a day and baclofen 10mg three times a day. I did enjoy the Percocet because it relieved my pain and the Valium helped my muscles relax so my back would try to straighten itself out a little.

    So after a year on this I was referred to a Rheumatologist here in the GTA. He took me off the Valium and put me on Clonazepam 0.5mg three time daily upped my Percocet from 2 a day to 6 a day and put me on cesamet (Nabilone) and I have ODB for being on Disability so all my medication was free and nabilone is like over 700 CDN dollars for a months worth. Anyways so after a few months on this he upped me to 8 Percocet a day which is the Maximum daily dosage. I also started getting from the Rheumatologist Trigger point injections of Marcaine (A long acting Local Anesthetic) into mostly my lumbar spine from T9-T12 some in between the vertebrae and into the base of my skull 3 times a week for 2 years.

    After the Percocet stopped helping I noticed I was Bleeding free red blood when I had to have a bowel movment so this freaked me out really badly I was taking by ambulance to the hospital and I was bleeding due to the length of time that I was on NSAIDS. Long story short I had to stop taking them see a surgeon he told me if I took another NSAID I could bleed to death.

    So I suffered the same thing as you described unfortunately except I didn't get F'd over by some scam artist rehab facility. Anywho well my Rheumatologist started me on 2 40mg oxcontin a day ontop of the 8 percocet 6mgs of Nabilone and 1.5mg of clonazepam. So Ofcourse he was investigated be the College of surgeons and physicians and had his prescribing right to prescribe controlled medications stripped from him.

    This is where things get very very very bad! Some of his patients, a lot of them were old men and woman like people like your Grandmother and Grandfather, The doctor had some of these old men and woman on like six 80mg Oxycontins a day Plus Percocet and other Opiates/Opioids. When he lost his license to prescribed controlled medications The poor people who were on all this oxycodone started going through severe withdrawl and the doctor told these people to get the meds from their family doctors, Well what ended up happening was these people I knew I had been going there 3 times a week for like almost 5 years it was like a second family there 5 of these people I was very colse too died they either killed them selves because they couldn't take the pain or they died from withdrawl becuase he was giving them so much the sudden shock of no oxycontin to their frail old bodies was too much.

    Luckily for me I was young at the time and I decided after I told the Doctor he was a terrible person and a stupid quack and telling him to F^*$ OFF I was able to go on Methadone from a few months on a very low dosage (never exceeding 30mgs) I was able to find another doctor who has been taking care of me with just percocet now and then when I have flare ups. I did go cold turkey off the methadone which was a little rough much harder to kick then the Oxycodone but yeah I'm In a much better place now and my condition seems to be under control.

    So I hope my story here will help some people out, My mother is an Opiate addict, so is my father but I gdont speak to him havent for tne years he was never around but I know how hard it is you just gotta take it slowly and day by day and you will get there I don't have a wife and kids so I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be for you and its sad that good people get addicted to these pils and drugs but most of us never asked for it you know I don't write the prescription im just listening to the doctors orders.

    Anywho I know how you feel man its a never ending cycle of upill battles and struggle but thats why this community exists and I hope we can all help one another to make it through the roughest of the rough!

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    If you happen to live in the Toronto Are House32 May I suggest an Amazing psychiatrist his name is Dr.Deif and he practices out of Centenary Hospital in Scarborough hope this helps Good luck man and Keep us posted please! I'm Really happy to hear you have made it this far and are doing good man! Keep up the good work!
  3. freeguy
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