My best recipe to beat cravings

By W.u.n.j.o · May 13, 2018 ·
  1. I’m fasting third day right now from food. Today I’m on juices, last two days I was just on the water. It’s painful process (quite literally), but makes me more powerful and I feel how my energy shifts. I slept for over 4 additional hours during day yesterday, I was just so tired whole day. Tonight I should meet my family. … What I see in connection to weed is that it’s not just about abstinence from drugs, it’s about focusing on constructive habits and choices, because I can be abstain from weed but if I overeat compulsively, spend compulsively or drink coffee compulsively that creates cravings for weed very quickly. On the other side, if I really push to live balanced life in other areas, weed doesn’t come across my mind so much. … of course, NA is a huge help and my girl support.


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