My cupcake's battle with oxycodone - Part 2

By IX Joker XI · Sep 29, 2014 ·
  1. I am not on suboxone. You are not allowed to take any kind of opiate at least 7 days prior to getting the vivitrol shot... Today is day 28 since my last 1 mg dose of suboxone and I still feel amazing... I do everything I can to stay busy throughout the day and I have noticed my work ethic and energy coming back over the last week or so... Also, I have started getting about 6-7 uninterrupted hours of sleep each night... Mornings still blow but I just remember how much I hated mornings before I started using... Mornings weren't that bad when I was using because I would just get up to do my pills and then go get more... Never had to confront the morning like I am having to relearn how to do now. I'm hoping I can help any and everyone who has any questions or just needs support!

    Thank you guys for reading my story and the excellent feedback makes me feel even that much better... I hope any and everyone the best of luck with getting off these fucking things and any drug for that matter. Again thank you I love the support and insight these forums provide!


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