my detox diary. goodbye heroin and good riddance - Part 2

By XAjxJamzX · Jan 25, 2015 · ·
  1. I'm tapering down with close to what you had used unfortunately have no way of getting clonidine so i can't use that. I plan on using neurontin tramadol and kratom. Im only using small doses of tramadol (50mg as needed) to keep from starting a whole new problem. Woke up with the obvious cold sweats no runny nose yet or joint pain so I'm just taking 1200g neurontin for now. Work for me soon so going to try taking 50mg tramadol to make sure the pain stays low. Wish me luck.

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    I'm feeling good about this and I'm ready for whatever is thrown at me


  1. poppylove423
    Good luck man. And i feel you on keeping tramadol doses low. They tricked alot of people into thinking methadone or suboxone would help us all get clean, and now alot of us will never get off of them either, sadly.

    Add 10 immodium to your list give or take and it may be downright comfortable. However, never go up in dosage. The loperamide detox proves tricky as well.

    Good luck man, keep us updated.
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