my detox diary. goodbye heroin and good riddance - Part 5

By XAjxJamzX · Jan 27, 2015 · ·
  1. The day is finally over. I do stocking at a liquor store so there's a lot of labor involved and today was extremely busy due to a massive snow storm that's dropping 2 ft on us.. but thankfully tomorrow i have off so the third day and from what I've heard the worst day should be easier than the last two. Today i used kratom and only 50mg of tramadol so i did pretty well. Had very strong cravings today but managed to deal with them. Now a nice short ride home. I think I'm gonna play a video game. Haven't done that since i relapsed. I'll just lose myself in oblivion like i use to. Looking forward to being sober again.


  1. Sleepynurse
    I've been playing a lot of Uncharted myself lately, haha. Games are a great distraction. Nighttime is always the hardest for me, so good luck to you tonight!
  2. XAjxJamzX
    Yup i totally agree with you. That's probably why i like rpgs. I become someone else and can be whatever/whoever i wanna be. But thank you for the support. It REALLY means a lot to me. Hope everything is going well for you
  3. XAjxJamzX
    Third day way dreadful... couldn't sleep... don't even wanna post right now. Will update this later...
  4. Sleepynurse
    Please do update when you're up to it.
  5. LuLu81
    Hope your ok mate. Video games will really help take your mind off things. I love RPGs as well. Been playing the latest dragon age on my xbox.

    Glad you've got the Gabapentin. They should help loads. Just try and keep achy areas warm, baths, hot water bottles and heat packs all help.
    If you just want someone to chat to for support, or to talk about video games, send me a message.
    Good Luck.
    Take care.
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