my detox diary. goodbye heroin and good riddance - Part 8

By XAjxJamzX · Feb 26, 2015 · ·
  1. I'm doing fantastic I'm a month sober! I feel great i got a new pc dr and finally got medication for my adult ADHD inattentive type and am finally happy with my life. I'm seeing my son again which is SUCH a help with staying sober. I'm doing amazing and thank you so much for continuing to keep me in your thoughts this long through :)

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    Rich i didn't even see your post i really appreciate it buddy. I'll find your post and leave you a few tips i know it's not easy.


  1. LuLu81
    1 Month, that's amazing!!! I'm sooooooo proud of you.
    Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Are you still using any of the comfort meds?

    I'm really happy for you, that you are able to see your son. How old is he? Like I said in an earlier post. Its good to have him to focus on and stay clean for.

    Its also great news about getting your ADHD sorted out. My BF has it pretty badly, but he doesn't have much of a choice in regards to medication. Ritalin or Concerta so basically, only Methylphenidate). What have you been prescribed?

    Hows things going at the gym? Producing your own endorphins will help your brain get back to normal and your body will appreciate it. I'm on crutches, permanently, so exercise is something I find hard to do. Just make sure that you are eating properly and getting plenty of nutrients and also plenty of water.

    Now you're through the worst, i was just wondering if you've got things in place to keep you occupied and to keep cravings at bay. I've got my fingers crossed for you in regards to PAWS, as I remembered reading that it hit you hard last time.

    I've found that your brain likes to play tricks on you, trying to get you to use saying things like: "one time, won't make a difference" "you deserve a reward" etc. Sometimes just knowing these things helps avoid them, but having a plan for the future will help. Especially in regards to PAWS. What is your worst Symptom of PAWS? Do you already have any plans made?

    Anyways, well done and good luck with your sobriety. Its really good to have someone else that has manage to get clean. You're an inspiration to others.
    Take Care.
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