My Hydrocodone Withdrawal and Recovery Journal - Part 28

By hydrofibro · Jan 12, 2015 · ·
  1. Hydrocodone withdrawal - Day five is always my worst!

    Well I was here a couple years ago made it a little over a month and failed. Difference is last time I didn't want to quit this time I do. I was on 80mg hydrocodone a day for 7-8 years. I'm using tramadol and valium to detox just for one week. PLEASE no negative comments on tramadol. I despise it because of my fibro I can't take any ssri drives me batty. I'm taking 300 mg per day and 15 mg of valium. I will taper after 7 days even though I was in full withdrawl for 14 days last time. My pupils are dialated, metallic taste in my mouth. Cold chills ect but I have been able to sleep. Tramadol does not prolong withdrawl for me. I'm detoxing for sure but without sleep I can't do this. I also use marijuana to sleep. Exercise makes me vomit so that doesn't seem to help that must be more for paws. I plan on using l-tyrosine and stuff to help with that. It angers me how long the physical dt takes for me. I hope it's not 14 days this time. I'm also tapering 7 years of soma! This sux. BUT I can not wait until I'm through this. If it takes 6 mo it's worth it. I'm sick of having to go to the doctor every month wondering when they will cut me off and having to find a new one. I have been through 5 doctors. The last one is under investigation and just left. I was referred to pain clinic but forget it I'm over it. Feels like I'm doing time, crossing off the days until I get out of this prison! God bless all of you.

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    Day 6
    Going to cut Tramadol and valium in half, pupils seem to be going down. Feeling tired but a lot better than the last time I did this. So today 150 mg tram and 10 mg valium. I'm might skip the mid day tram as well if I can stand it. I hurt everywhere. :(


  1. Cmenot
    Re: Day 5 is always my worst!!

    I think you have the right mind set. There is nothing wrong with using tramadol and valium to help you detox. It seems that you are well aware of the caveats; I wish you luck and to feel better soon! Kick Hydro's ASS!
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