My Hydrocodone Withdrawal and Recovery Journal - Part 30

By hydrofibro · Jan 15, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: Hydrocodone withdrawal - Day five is always my worst!

    Day 8-
    Well cutting tram and valium in half sucked but hey gotta keep it moving along no way I'm doing tram withdrwal on top of this

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    Day 9
    I'm doing no tram and no valium and a whole lot of prayer. I feel pretty good today. Jesus is the same yesterday today and FOREVER!!

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    Marie. I don't know where the sneezing comes from. I've heard different theories but ya it sux. I'm sooooooo tired but other than that I'm doing good! Where are you in your recovery?


  1. hydrofibro
    Day 10
    Found out Benadryl makes my anxiety worse. Feel better when I move around but getting the motivation is hard. Still taste the metal taste in my mouth off and on and still have to take loperamide (2) day.

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    Leaving the house for the first time let u know how it goes.
  2. cbabycee
    Re: Hydrocodone withdrawal - Day five is always my worst!

    The sneezing comes I believe because the opiates effect the histamine in your body therefore when you take it away you body can become ultra sensitive. Plus opiates have an effect on the mucus membranes suppressing them. So that's why u get runny nose.

    Sorry about abbreviations last reviewer on my phone.

    How are you doing today? Still at it?? Your really brave! X

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    You wanna try having severe eczema in a detox :( that is not nice the itching!!! X
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