My Hydrocodone Withdrawal and Recovery Journal - Part 32

By hydrofibro · Jan 29, 2015 · ·
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    Day 22. Thanks for the support! I didn't start journaling until day five. The link is called day 5 is always the worst. They asked me if I wanted to combine my journals but my last one was 2 years ago and don't want to stare at my failure. Helps some. Not me. I did get Zantac it has helped. Sleep is getting better. Thank you so much for your support. I will def read your thread marathonmel.
    Tmart. I have been on this dose for 7-8 years. I am disabled. I beat meth and alcoholism 15 years ago and started going to church. I got sick and got some spine and neck problems and fibro never took a pain pill before that. Did shoot heroin mixed with meth a few times in my meth days but luckily never became a habit. I had 7 years clean before I went to dr. Death. I also have anxiety disorder and have struggled with insomnia. I've gained 100 lbs my activity level is 0. That don't help in the depression department. I need to get off my butt! It's so hard.

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    36 hrs since last tramadol. Only repercussion so far is way tired. It was a godsend through dt but I can see where I could be a problem. My advice is if you are strong enough and disciplined it can help if not you will keep taking it because it makes you feel some better. I took 100 mg 3x a day for the first week. 100 mg 2x a day for the second week, and 100 mg 1x a day for the third week. I might do 50mg every other night for the forth week I don't know.

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    What do you all think? Anyone?

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    Do have mega headache


  1. babalooj
    Re: DETOX over. On to paws journal

    I think that you should just jump at where you are. 100 mg tramadol is not too bad, jumping from there shouldn't be so hellish, much better than jumping from 80 mgs of hydrocodone. You tapered down very well, it is great that you had the self control to keep at a certain dose and not go all over the place
    I just think it would be near impossible to dose every other day; you're taking one day off, you will start to get sick on that day, you might as well start from there!
    In the end it is all up to you though. If you jump at 50 instead of 100, yes it will be easier, but ask yourself if it is really necessary.

    Anyway, good luck to you, i know you can do it, you seem to have the will and the strength of self control :)
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