My Hydrocodone Withdrawal and Recovery Journal - Part 33

By hydrofibro · Jan 30, 2015 ·
  1. Re: DETOX over. On to paws journal

    Thanks so much for the reply!! I already took the 50 tonight but I think I'll just jump from here. I went through hell on norco withdrawl but tramadol helped. I did have enough sense to cancel my appt so I can't get anymore. I actually went to my moms (in my sweats) lol and visited and LAUGHED!! Wow. Seeing more light!! I got pretty tired and anxious toward the end of the afternoon so I came home and took a hot bath and got in bed. I just don't buy into the crap that we will never be the same. I was an alcoholic by age 12 and a meth junky by 15. Shot heroin with my mirth a few times but anyway got sober 24 and have never went back to that lifestyle and my brain healed and I started in my early teens. I'm 38 so 7 years ago I got on pain meds for legitimate reasons I feel half the battle is won because I don't have to leave "the lifestyle" if that makes any sense lol. I just want everyone to know that you can do this!!! Day 23!! God bless!!!


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