My Hydrocodone Withdrawal and Recovery Journal - Part 39

By hydrofibro · Feb 8, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: Detox over. On to PAWS journal

    I hate anti depressants. I have tried like 8 different kinds of them. Can't take the side effects...I took benzos the first 31/2 weeks but stopped for fear of the same thing. Everyone says 6 mo... I don't want five more months of this. I have faith it won't take that long for us!!
    I am at-least out among the living and enjoy things. Some days are better than others but ya sleep sux!!!


  1. Snake.Pristin
    Re: Detox over. On to PAWS journal

    I was reading this thread and i saw tramadol, Dont Just dont think tramadol can help you off any other opioid\opiate despite the potency !! , I got addicted on tramadol and its nothing less hell-like than any opioid WD !! I was on 700 mg a day of this shit for a year , my teeth started coming off and i got very veryy skinny and my life went dOoOoOoOoooOwn :( , Today im 9 days clean thanks god and im getting a bit chubby (hope so) i think i need a few more days to fully become human again ,but i feel really determined and you should be so too ,
    The best of luck to anyone in opioid Wd hell .
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