My Hydrocodone Withdrawal and Recovery Journal - Part 42

By hydrofibro · Feb 10, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: Detox over. On to PAWS journal

    You are so right! Well on day 10 I thought I was in paws lol!! Not!!! I detoxed for three weeks. So ya I wish I could rename my thread! I am in paws now but it's not horrid for me. If we can kick the habit we can kick the lethargy and sadness. I just make myself get up and resume normal daily life and before you know it I have gone hours without thinking about "my condition" it's funny cuz when we are going through it and people say a lot of it is just mental and it would tick me off but they are right. Our mind is a powerful thing. I BELIEVE IM GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY and therefore I do!!! If that makes any sense. Lol. When RELASPE thought come creeping in push past it and then you will be high off how awesome you are!!!
    I was pretty tempted at the dentist but said no way am I doing this again and I'm so freaking proud of myself it's a high of it's own!
    I think everyone needs a recovery plan to avoid relapse that's for sure.

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    Kitts where are you at in recovery? I'm gonna look for your thread :)


  1. hydrofibro
    Re: Detox over. On to PAWS journal

    I'm so freaking excited to be freeeeeee
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