My meth iv struggle and how I’m coping

By Discussiongirl · Apr 13, 2019 · ·
  1. So I guess I started over? I’m not sure now. I got to post a certain amount of characters to post.
    So abused and trying to get me dependent on meth. There will be more stories. I’m kinda tired right now and I need to think and listen to the rain.

    Crazy life but it’s all slowed down now. Probably even a

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    Just a chick who’s had enough of the nonsense
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  1. Discussiongirl
    Oh my gosh it’s like 3 groups. I don’t know what I did
  2. King 63
    Hope you are doing well :) sending positive vibes:p
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  3. Discussiongirl
    Thank you! Hopefully I can get this journal together and really get some stories out here
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