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  1. Hi,

    I have come to this forum to document my detox from methadone. I have been opiate dependent since 2011, starting with an oxycontin habit. That turned into heroin, and hydromorphcontins, diluadid, whatever was available.
    In 2014 I decided to move to a different city to get away from the drug use and dealers. Tried to go cold turkey but couldn't do it . So in June 2014 I went on MMT. I have been on it since then and am now down to 4mg from 40mg.
    I all take home doses as I have been away from opiates other than methadone since 2015, and I really do not want to go back to that clinic and give them any more of my money come Tuesday.
    Here is my detox plan:
    I have 4 doses of 4mg each for the next 4 days. I have split them into halves, so now I have 8 2mg doses.
    I took my 4mg dose Tues, yesterday and today (Thurs). The next 8 days I am going to take 2mg per day and on the 9th day I am going off of it. I will be documenting how it goes.
    I am on a low dose and I feel like I am being a wimp about it. I am just scared.

    Currently I feel okay from the dose drop this week, I went down from 5mg to 4mg on Tuesday. I have a lot of abdominal and muscle cramping, excessive sweating and yawning, diarrhea and twitching but it has been okay.
    Dropping to 2mg tomorrow wish me luck!


  1. phil9262
    @ldTechnoBabygirl the low energy is probably going to be the longest part of this. It was for me. You'll have to start forcing yourself to do some exercise. That will help with the low energy tremendously. Maybe try starting some b complex vitamins as well. If you have the means to, try b12 injections. They do them at a mall near my house. I'm sure if you google, you can find somewhere by you. You get one injection a week and it helps so much. Also helps burn fat which is a plus.
  2. ldTechnoBabygirl
    @phil9262 thank you for the info about the b12, I will look into that. I feel so physically exhausted today !!!!
  3. aGoobIRL
    I am so glad to hear you're getting some sleep and feeling positive! You're doing great!

    That had to be the best feeling ever being able to just turn around and walk out of the clinic without any anxiety or worry! FREEDOOOOMMM!!

    I hope the B12 works out for your tiredness if you do end up trying it - I'd be curious to hear the results.

    Again, I am so so so happy for you!!! Keep it up!

    And thank you for the updates - they're very encouraging to someone like me!!
  4. ldTechnoBabygirl
    Day 5 no methadone

    Today actually started off being one of the worst days energy wise. I was exhausted all day. Made sure to eat and drink enough water
    It is now almost 10pm and I think Im starting to feel slightly better!
    Will update tomorrow
  5. ldTechnoBabygirl
    Day 9
    I am starting to get my energy back. I went camping from Sunday-today which was a nice distraction. Sun/Mon were a little rough, and yesterday was the first day I started to feel almost normal. Today I am feeling good...I think I should be close to 100% normal next week.
    I wish I did this sooner. I am so so happy. AND PROUD!~
  6. phil9262
    Keep up the good work @ldTechnoBabygirl! Continue to do active things and you should breeze through this. Also, there might be a days where it seems withdrawls hit you again. Do let that bring you down it's just apart of the process of PAWS. I don't want do scare you, I just want to make sure your prepared for ups and downs. If you get it one day, do some exercise and it usually goes away. Again, keep up the good work!! Your doing awesome.
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