My Norco Withdrawal and Addiction Story - Part 21

By sadbutglad · Dec 18, 2014 · ·
  1. So...Benzo withdrawal...yea

    Opiates are no match for benzos I see. After 2 nights of really no rest equated to a good 3 1/2 hour nap today that has me now wide awake. Sleep pattern is all jacked up. I'm staying the hell away from benzos for the rest of my life. Those things are bad bad bad. For anyone who hasn't really dabbled with them. DO NOT. They are really for people who are suicidal. If you're suicidal - then by all means. But if you want to take them for anxiety...I say, deal with the anxiety some other way. Coming off of benzos is awful and not worth the after effects. The panic attacks (rapid heart beats and feelings of doom) are worse than the anxiety you felt prior to taking them. Just a word for the wise.

    As far as opiates go...I am so wrapping my mind around this bottle being my last rodeo. I can honestly say that the days I went without them showed me that the opiates are the cause for the pain. My pain was totally manageable on day 3 without them. Opiates desensitize us to the pain which makes us feel like any little pain is unmanageable - which isn't true; At least in my case. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Again, I'll be off of work the week of new years and knowing myself I will have run out by then. I will ensure that I don't exceed 20-30 mg/day prior to that week so the withdrawals aren't so bad.

    Happy that I can set this goal for myself and allow myself to feel like it's actually feasible. Keep me posted on how you guys are doing. I always appreciate hearing from you guys. Thanks for the support =)


  1. supermono
    Hi Sadbutglad. I hope you are doing well today. I have just read all your posts and it seems you do want to stop this horrible cycle of addiction. Good for you.
    Congratulations on stopping the benzo's. I hate them too. I find them worse than opiate wdrls. I have just done a 2 month taper and am on day 4 of no opiates. I was throwing lots of different opiate pills down my throat so I can relate to your pill popping addiction. You can beat this. You can get well and I,m sure you will. Take your time to get things right. Taper slowly. I think sometimes people go to fast. I did and ended up having to take one step backwards (upping my dose of codeine) to level out again. Then I picked myself up, dusted myself down and started the taper again but slower. I ended up with only mild wdrls.
    I get anxiety too although the last few days have been better. Interesting. No opiates, less anxiety !!
    If my anxiety gets bad then I go and chop fire wood or do some gardening to distract myself from my anxiety. It can work well.
    I,ll be here cheering you on. You can do this. Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on. If I can do it so you can to.
    Best of luck to you amigo. You will be in my prayers as all suffering addicts are.
    Peace Mono
  2. lostlygirl
    How are you doing? Are you hanging in there?
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