My Norco Withdrawal and Addiction Story - Part 31

By sadbutglad · Apr 11, 2015 · ·
  1. So I've decided to post about where I am now in my addiction. Things have gotten much worse. My boss hired a new employee who has the same monkey on his back, except he has access to much stronger pain pills. Dilauded. I've dabbled like an idiot which heightened my tolerance to the norco. I went from 1 pill a day, to 3, to 5-6, to 8-9, to 17 pills in one night. I've leveled out to about 10 pills a day. I ran through my 120 pill script in 7 days. I have 40 pills left of my 120 pill script and 3 weeks left until I get a refill. I really screwed myself. Starting tomorrow I'm going to take 6 pills a day until I get to day 5. I have a friend who i can usually get 30 from. If I can get 30 from her, I will continue to take 6/ day until I'm down to about 10 pills and then take 2 pills a day for 5 days till I run out. I have some kratom on the way which tastes like shit but works wonders for withdrawal. This time I don't know how the withdrawal will affect me since I've never withdrawn off of this amount before. I think I'm actually really afraid of my behavior this time mores than before. I'm always chasing the dragon. It has to stop. It simply has to. I was on the opiate addiction forum reading stories of so many others in the same boat. It's crazy how many people have this addictIon to opiates. what I hate the most about withdrawal is the stomach cramps, diarrhea, and insomnia. The great thing is I've been laid off since my boss is closing the doors and can no longer pay his employees. It gives me a chance to regroup and really get to the bottom of my addiction. Hopefully I can use this time to pursue an MRI to determine the true cause of my back pain.


  1. Jungledog
    Glad you are posting again but sorry to hear the addiction has worsened. Not surprised though as this is how addiction progresses. It will continue until you finally hit your limit. That limit is individual and different for each of us but it will come. There is a reason you are drowning yourself in opiates. Face the reason.

    Just a safety concern: the max acetaminophen dose is 4gm daily. Actually recently they reduced it to 3gm. Anything greater than this will fuck your liver and can be permanent. If your Norco has 325 in it, then 10 pills exceeds this limit. Doing a cold water extraction if you keep using would be smart.

    Wish you the best.
  2. lostlygirl
    Please, please, please be careful with the Tylenol. My mother died of a drug overdose, it wasn't the narcotics that killed her. Her liver failed from an excess of Tylenol. She was in the hospital when it happened, and there was nothing they could do. Dead in 4 hours from the first onset of symptoms. Please, please don't fuck with that. No child should grow up motherless.

    Do as JD suggests. I have read about cold water extraction although I have never had to use it. Look it up and figure out TODAY.

    I really think you need to STRONGLY consider switching to a maintenance program for subs or methadone. The clinic will give you doses daily so it's difficult to abuse. This will stabilize your addiction and buy you time to figure out what is causing this. You will also get to decide if and when you reduce or stop. You won't be a slave to running out of your scripts early, or begging friends for pills.

    You now have the added stress of being laid off, and that's only going to make matters worse. There are confidential, understanding places you can go to get on a program. If you choose methadone it's going to be a little stronger than what you are currently on. They will purposly start you on a dose that is too low, and then up you every few days until you are at a comfortable dose. They will keep you at that dose until you decide you are ready to start reducing. You can also choose to stay on the program indefinitely, as long as you keep all the program rules. There are some excellent threads currently in DF on maintenance programs. Read up on them to see if it's a good fit for you.

    Please strongly consider this. Its far better than being dead. Your addiction has reached a dangerous point, and you need to start looking into options that don't involve quitting or dying.

    We have been where you are. We understand addiction. We understand the hurt. We get the HELL of withdrawals. We also know (as do you) that the remainder of your pills will be gone in a matter of days. At that point your options are:

    1) Bad withdrawals.
    2) Lying to get more pills, or Dr shopping.
    3) Getting them illegally from friends (which you have already done)
    4) Getting them on the street.
    5) Switching to a harder drug if pills are not available.
    6) Going on a maintenance program.

    You are not ready to quit. You recognize that. At this point you can start to work with yourself rather than against yourself. Going on a maintenance program is working with yourself. Luckily, you are not the first or the last to experience this, and you have options. Good options. Please do this for your children, because I can assure you, they will not understand why their mother died from a Tylenol drug overdose.

    We are here, no matter what you decide. I am proud of you for coming back when you need to, and posting about a problem that is very difficult to talk about. Under your addiction is a good, strong, beautiful, amazing, and smart woman. Your honesty in your posts shows that. Please really consider what we are saying. We are here to support you and help you. We can't do that if your dead. Sending love and strength your way.
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