My Norco Withdrawal and Addiction Story - Part 40

By sadbutglad · Apr 23, 2015 · ·
  1. No kitts, just me myself I and my God. In tears right now because I'm so sick of facing withdrawal every other Fricking week. I hate that this shit has gotten such a strong hold on me. I have kratom, but the last time I took it it made me barf. I know it was likely my dosage, but I'm turned off. Maybe I'll run to it soon when the withdrawals really start having their way with me.

    I hate the sweats, I hate the chills, I hate the runs, I hate the insomnua, I hate the Fricking routine. Clearly I don't hate staying high, but all that shit comes with the territory.

    Thanking my doctor right now for ignoring my request for a stronger opiate recently. Normally she'll call me and ask what's up, but not thus time. I'm mad at myself for knowing I'd picK it up if there was one. Just hoping for enough time away from the opiates to be strong enough to resist everytime temptation strikes.

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    So, I'm 25 hours in and boy I was very surprised to see withdrawal begin 5 hours after my last dose. Goose bumps, sweats, just the irregular body temp stuff. O and rls. I've never really had that symptom begore, but I've never withdrawal off of this tolerance before either. I have an awful cough also. I have a cold and the withdrawal scratchy throat stuff. I allowed myself to tough these things out until about 2 am when I struggled to swallow down some kratom which did it's job. I slept, cough stopped, rls gone, irregular temp totally bearable. I think I'd be ready to pull out my hair right now if it weren't for the kratom.

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    37-38 hours in and feel really really sore and just blah. Back hurts - hips hurt. Been taking kratom which helps somewhat. I'll take more before bed to get some kind of rest. I'm running out of kratom which is okay because I want to know where I really am with withdrawal cold turkey by day 3 tomorrow.

    I am still very weak mentally. If someone offered me a pill, I'd take it. It's the truth. I'm hoping that once I get through the thick of withdrawal, I'll feel better and won't be tempted to take the pills anymore. Right now I feel so shitty I'd cave. The great thing is that there are no pills coming from anywhere in the near future and I am truly in no position but to get through this.

    Just documenting. Hoping I stay clean and stay strong. Hoping this is the new me. No methadone. No suboxone. Just in the tunnel looking toward the light...

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    Almost at 48 hours. 6 am will be 48 hours since my last dose of 30 mgs. My legs are just achy achy achy. Mentally I'm staying positive, but physically I really played myself with these damn pills. My body surely is letting me know it's pissed that I'm depriving it of what stopped the pain. Don't know how much of this is legitimate pain and how much is withdrawal pain. Not feeling good at all. Hoping I can get some sleep tonight. Took a bunch of kratom and feel relaxed but pain is still there - for sure. Going to take a motrin 800 and see if my body laughs at it. Ughhhh. Hating that I did this to myself =(


  1. Kitts
    Hey Sadbutglad,

    Keep going, you're doing so great! Well done for making yourself take the Kratom, I know you hated the taste of it. What plans have you got today? Can you take it easy? House painting during withdrawal, at least when you're so achy sounds like a nightmare.
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